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Browse your cover-art albums in Rhythmbox v2.96 - 3.0+
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UNDER DEVELOPMENT - Feel free to look & help out! Basics work - at least I think it does :)

Browse your cover-art albums in Rhythmbox

GTK3 port of

How it works:

  1. Click the toolbar button
  2. Albums are displayed as clickable buttons containing their album cover
  3. Double-click the cover to play the album.

How to install:

  1. install git N.B. for debian - sudo apt-get install git
  2. git clone
  3. cd coverart-browser
  4. sh ./


  • this will be a port of the GUI cover-art browser capability.
  • Drag-drop, cover-search and right-click copy is unlikely to be ported

Random Musings:

  1. Consider when double clicking the album whether to create a playlist to play the album from or like currently just to wipe the Queue and add the tracks from the album
  2. May be add a right click option to queue or create a playlist the album
  3. Maybe hover over the album to display important facts - number of tracks, duration etc. Have a look how clementine/banshee handles this
  4. Possible right click and display all tracks in a submenu to allow you to play a given track.
  5. Possible right click and add the same "shuffle" mechanism you get in the main menu.

Other random stuff.

  1. Integration with other plugins - e.g. WebMenu via right-click - should be useful
  2. If the destination drop is enabled for the buttons then maybe possible to drop from file-manager a JPG to update the cover
  3. May be allow multi-select of buttons, right click and add selected albums to the queue/playlist
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