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Browse your cover-art albums in Rhythmbox v2.96 - 3.0+
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coverart-browser v0.8

Browse your coverart albums in Rhythmbox v2.96 - Rhythmbox v2.98



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Summary: whats new in this release

  • Export whole albums and embed coverart in the album tracks so that (where required) phones/tablets can display coverart correctly
  • Drag & Drop CoverArt icons onto playlists and sources (such as a phone) so that all tracks for an album are added

note - remember to use the Portable Players - Ipod and/or Portable Players - MTP plugin if your phone requires these to sync music

  • separated coverart search into separate plugin (this is now a prerequisite) -
  • New light & dark theme buttons to complement light & dark desktop themes
  • optional flat-button toolbar style
  • revised popup menu style genre & playlist windows when number of entries would exceed the desktop height
  • Use album and album-artist sort order tags for sorting if these values are utilised
  • Play from Cover-view and Track view instead of queuing & playing
  • Allow user-defined genre names to be created mapped against default system genre icons
  • Allow user-defined genre icons to be displayed. These can override system genre icons if required
  • Support for other plugins via right-click menu options in a similar manner as the Library Browser -

    OpenContainingFolder, SendFirst, Send Track, LastFMExtension - Fingerprinter, FileOrganizer, lLyrics, WikipediaSearch

    N.B. if NOT using my PPA then ensure you have the very latest version of the plugins installed.

  • for developers - doxygen documentation:

How it works:

How to install:

for debian & debian-based distros such as Ubuntu & Mint

sudo apt-get install git gettext python-mako python-lxml

for fedora and similar:

yum install git gettext python-mako python-lxml

for opensuse

sudo zypper in git gettext-runtime python-mako python-lxml

Then install the plugin:

rm -rf ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins/coverart_browser
git clone
cd coverart-browser
sh ./

Note 1 - the CoverArt Browser plugin also requires installing the following plugin:

Note 2 - Due to upstream changes this plugin does NOT work with rhythmbox 2.99. Patches are most welcome to support this version of rhythmbox.

For Ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10:

This is now available in my rhythmbox PPA - installation instructions in this AskUbuntu Q&A:

Note - installing the package rhythmbox-plugin-coverart-browser will also install rhythmbox-plugin-coverart-search

Please help out with translating

We need you to help us translate the english text to your native language.

Don't worry - it is easier that you think. Just visit:

Remember to set your preferred language and then just submit your translation.


  • thanks to Luqman Aden for the coverart-search plugin which our cover-search pane is based upon
  • thanks to Canonical for the Star widget which the ratings capabilities use
  • our Translators: Launchpad Translation team - individual credits for each locale is shown in the plugin preferences dialog
  • Button Icons - jrbastien for the three toolbar icon-sets (standard, light & dark)
  • Chief Tester and all-round good egg - jrbastien!


    This plugin code is released under the GPL3+ license.

    All translations are released under the BSD license

    Genre icon-set:

    Creative Commons License
    Music Genre Icons by Meghn Lofing is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

Contrast of the iconset has been altered as agreed by the author. Thanks Meghn!

GTK3 port of

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