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# This README is dividied into two sections -
# first section is for the coverart-browser developers
# second section is for Translators
# Section 1: Developers Only
#for each ui file run the following to create translation .h files
intltool-extract --local --type=gettext/glade ui/coverart_search_providers_prefs.ui
#create a new template file called po/package.pot by running below
# po/files_to_be_translated are all the .h files generated by intltool
xgettext -c -a -f po/files_to_be_translated -o po/coverartsearchproviders.pot
# po/py_files_to_be_translated are all the python files to be translated
xgettext -c -j -f po/py_files_to_be_translated -o po/coverartsearchproviders.pot
#now update existing po's with changes in the template file package.pot
cd po
cd ..
rm -rf tmp
# Section 2: Translators
The best way to create translations is to visit our Launchpad site
Set your preferred language and then just begin translating
If you dont want to use Launchpad, use the following instructions
# Carry out the following - one or the other (or both!)
#create a new locale file from this template:
cd po; msginit --no-translator
#create a new specific (e.g. spanish) locale file from this template:
cd po; msginit --no-translator -l es
#Take special care with "Fuzzy" translations. "Fuzzy" lines should be
#removed - the string should be carefully examined since these are often
#automated translations.
#run to compile and install the po files
sudo ./ /usr/share/locale/