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Suspend computer at the end of queue or playlist
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Enable Rhythmbox to suspend/shutdown your computer at the end of playing from the queue or playlist

To use:

  1. set the plugin preferences option to either poweroff or suspend.

  2. For RB2.96 - 2.98 - enable the menu option Control - Poweroff to activate the plugin

  3. For RB2.99 and later - enable the menu option View - Powerof to activate the plugin

  4. Play your music from the playqueue or playlist. At the end of the queue, a dialog will be displayed with a countdown.
    you can either, ignore the dialog and the computer will suspend/poweroff or interrupt the process.

GTK3 Author

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Use the plugin preferences to set the timeout and also whether to shutdown (default) or to suspend your computer

Ubuntu 12.04 notes:

packages required to be installed:

sudo apt-get install gir1.2-gconf-2.0 python-lxml


git clone
cd suspend-plugin

for rhythmbox 2.96 to 2.99.1


for rhythbox 3.0 and later

./ --rb3

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