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fossology 3.0.0 release

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@maxhbr maxhbr released this 05 Nov 12:04
· 2507 commits to master since this release

The build packages for many distros can be downloaded at:

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New Features

Feature : Brief Explanation

New folder navigation : Jquery based table UI for downloads including sorting and filtering with more handling attributes per upload.

New license UI for editing concluded licenses : Instead of providing a separate UI for license conclusion, now a single file view license UI allows for efficient license situation review: highlighted texts and selected licenses are moving together to one view now.

Re-use of license decisions : At uploading a new file, a user can select existing uploads for reusing already applied license decisions, if the file hash is the same.

Bulk assignment of license decisions based on text phrases : When identifying a phrase hinting to particular license (e.g. "license info can be found in readme"), the user can define this text as search string and assign a license decision to every matching file.

Auto-decision of the Monk and Nomos scanner find the same license in the same text area : If both scanners find the same license by short name, then a license decision can be applied automatically.

Adding Ninka as optional scanner : At upload or at scheduling jobs, the user can run Ninka scanner with FOSSology as third license scanner.

New UI for editing copyrights : Separate display for URL, E-Mails, copyright statements and authorship notes.

Adding the concept of candidate licenses, to let users add licenses as candidates for the system : New licenses must be added carefully to the server database. However, in order not to stop a user a reviewing an upload, candidate licenses can be registered for addition to the server by the server admin later.

License import and export using a CSV interface : Using CSV formatted files, licenses with the reference texts can be imported and exported to the FOSSology server.

Adding readme / copying file generation : Concluded licenses and copyright statements are written into a text file that is information for the distribution.

SPDX 2.0 file generation : Based on the scan results and concluded licenses, SPDX 2.0 XML format is generated (passes verification tool).