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fossology 3.1.0 release

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@maxhbr maxhbr released this 21 Apr 13:54
· 2322 commits to master since this release

New Features in FOSSology 3.1

The FOSSology development community is pleased to release 3.1.

Key features in FOSSology 3.1 are:

  • User Interface improvements to make bulk scan more efficient when used with multiple licenses at the same time
  • New Dockerfile also used for Docker Hub, including composed containers with separate DB server
  • Support for SPDX 2.1 document formats(tag:value format now available as well as RDF)
  • Generation of Debian copyright file (aka DEP5).

After the second release candidate of 3.1, the majority of contributions are therefore in the correction ares (see "fix") and the cleanup of the files and infrastructure (see "chore"). Overall, the community has merged about 45 pull requests between 3.1 release candidate 2 and this release - see the listing below. Compared to release 3.0.0, about 123 pull requests have been merged.

Smaller Features

  • feat(nomos): add and correct nomos licenses
  • feat(users): apply correct email validation
  • feat(spdx2): allow licenses to be spdx compatible and adapt the templates


  • fix(spdx2): add files with no license found to generated output format
  • fix(ninka): ninka needs a new dependency
  • fix(docker): use a simpler Dockerfile for standalone build
  • fix(browsefolder): added a check to see, if the folder is accessible
  • fix(copyright): invalid pointer to regex
  • fix(copyrightandeccview): added tooltip next to description
  • fix(cp2foss): Refactor common perms
  • fix(deshboard): Missing quotes around string literal
  • fix(docker): change Dockerfile, docker run command
  • fix(install): xenial support for postgres in progress
  • fix(make): do not place composer at /tmp/composer/composer
  • fix(readme): Corrected the issue with mainlicense which was not displayed in readmeoss
  • fix(scripts) : update timezone info to php.ini bug needs review
  • fix(setup): PHP warnings
  • fix(spdx): fixes a list of SPDX compatibility bugs
  • fix(test): fix copyright character
  • fix(test): phpunit-bootstrap doesn't find Hamcrest Category: Testing
  • fix(ui): Added recent agent_pk in the place of any agent_pk
  • fix(unpacking): fix unpacking of mime-type application/java-archive
  • fix(user-creation): email needs to be unique and required
  • fix(www): correct ETA in all job view
  • fix(www): PHP warnings
  • fix(cleanup): remove HACKING, install_locations.xls, build.xml
  • fix(spdx): typo in template and bump LicenseListVersion
  • fix(spdx): add files with no license found to generated output format

Improvements on Infrastructure and Testing

  • chore(docs): updating readme and changelog, consolidation of license information
  • chore(changelog): rename to
  • chore(doc): update documentation, change releases link to Github
  • chore(docker): docker usage information
  • chore(docker): refactor dockerfiles, splitting containers, avoid rebuilding, etc.
  • chore(gitignore): update gitignore
  • chore(make): Fix a typo
  • chore(make): Fix target name for stanalone nomos
  • chore(php): remove 5.3, set 5.6, add 7.0 to travis-ci
  • chore(setup): Set Postgres driver using variable reference
  • chore(testing): travis php7.1, phpunit5 for php56
  • chore(travis): remove gcc-4.4,clang-3.5, MAKETARGETS for gcc variants

Improvements on Packaging

  • chore(packaging): first import of a pbconf tree
  • chore(packaging): Fix EPEL dependency
  • chore(packaging): updating existing debian packaging for current fossology enhancement needs review
  • chore(packaging): vagrant test file and config for httpd 2.4 enhancement
  • chore(packaging): various enhancements with project builder

How to Install 3.1

How to Upgrade to 3.1 from 2.5/2.6

Please upgrade from 2.5/2.6 and then try to update to 3.0, then go to 3.1: Successful migration from 2.5 / 2.6 to 3.0 was one of the topics we have put a lot of care for. At the ame time, we experienced no issues with moving from 3.0 to 3.1.

Known Issues

As is to be expected, with any release, there are known bugs that users may run into with this release. The ones we know about at this point (and some of the workarounds), are documented here so you don't need to spend time reporting these bugs again.

An overview about current bugs can be seen at:

As a general issue, the package building infrastructure is not present at the current time. Therefore, installation from the following methods:

New Install


  • none known at this time


  • Some licenses have been added to Nomos, as such, old scanner findings could be updated.

User Interface

  • Developers use Firefox and Chrome, sometimes Safari. Maybe, with other browsers, there could be UI issues.

More information

Participate in FOSSology

If you are a developer and want to submit code, start by discussing what you want to do on our developer mailing list Developer documentation can be found at

Reporting bugs

Your comments, bug reports, patches and suggestions will help fix bugs and improve the quality of future releases. Please report bugs using the issue tracker of the project:

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