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FOSSology Documentation

There are many ways to contribute to FOSSology. If you are a developer and want to submit code, start by discussing what you want to do on our developer mailing list Submit your patches there or as a pull request. Once we know you a little better and trust your patches, we will give you commit access. You must agree with our licensing choice. All code is under GPL-2.0. If you want your copyright to appear in the code, put it in your patch.

Contributing to FOSSology

Using FOSSology

Administration of FOSSology

Developer Documentation


Infrastructure for the application is comprised by the database, the Web server, the PHP environment etc.


Agents and Jobs

Particular Agent Documentation
  • Nomos, a license scanner based in regular expressions.
  • Monk, a license scanner based on text comparison.
  • MonkBulk, an extension to Monk for user-based phase searching.
  • Copyright, an Agent searching for copyright, URL, e-mail and authorship statements.
  • ECC, export control and customs as an extension to Copyright.
  • Package Agent, an agent exporting metadata from installation packages.
  • Maintenance Agent, (new in 2.4.0)
  • Mimetype Agent, running over files trying to determine the mimetype.
  • Buckets, an agent to categorize files based un user-defineable definitions.

User Interface


If you just want to run the tests or learn about them see the Running FOSSology Tests area of the wiki.


This documents the nuts and bolts of producing a FOSSology release.


Getting Started





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