Definition of Done

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The definition of done helps to set a common understanding for solving a ticket.

Definition of done policy

  • Review points should involve one person from another angle (not just the person you were sitting together with anyways)
  • Limit items in review to 5, try to coordinate

Using Github assignments to issues or pull requests

then the mailing list

  • Open review items requires mailing list

Definition of done items

  • File headers in file OK

  • GPLv2 License (see code style)

  • Or, if the file is too small, configuration file: license note (see code style)

  • Copyright and Author

  • Avoid (seriously) compiler warnings

  • Fast forward merge to master

  • That means that merge to master is prepared

  • No breaking test

  • Unit, php and c

  • You have more - use them!

  • New test

  • For new / added functionality

  • Documentation

  • in the Githuib Wiki-Section if you have done something new

  • Review

  • Code style

  • DoD items reached

  • Design / architecture issues

  • Upstream / fossology community contribution suitability

  • Ticket coverage (does it actually solve the problem?)

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