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A Good list of PPAs for new Ubuntu installations
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Good PPAs

Good Ubuntu PPAs

This page ( contains a list of good personal package archives (PPAs) that can be added to Ubuntu to install tons of useful software. Useful for new Ubuntu (or Linux Mint) installations, as you can save it in your bookmarks!

Criteria for adding a repository:

  • The PPA must contain the latest versions of the software, whether stable or unstable, it shouldn't be outdated.
  • The PPA must be of value to actual users of Ubuntu (E.g don't suggest adding PPAs that are mainly built for debugging or sole use of developer).
  • There shouldn't be issues in installing the software from the PPA on various supported Ubuntu releases, especially the latest Ubuntu releases.

You can create a pull request after you modify the HTML page using the same structure. After it was merged, then in 1 hour, it will be live at

This is a FOSS Post project:

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