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Item2070: Merge new TMCE/Wysiwyg pair over to 1.0.7

And finally copy over TinyMCE from trunk

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%META:TOPICINFO{author="ProjectContributor" date="1227770072" format="1.1" version="$Rev$"}%
---++!! !TinyMCE FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions of the TinyMCEPlugin integration.
---++ Q: I want the old buttons (Edit and !WYSIWYG) in 4.1.x to work the same as they used to. How?
A: See Foswiki:Support.FaqHowToMakeRawEditDefault. If you need to modify your own skin templates for a customized Pattern skin these instructions should help you.
1 Edit =templates/viewtopicactionbuttons.pattern.tmpl=
1 Find the line that starts =%<nop>TMPL:DEF{"create_topic_link"}%=. This is the template that defines the "Create Topic" link.
1 Change =?t=%<nop>GMTIME= to =?nowysiwyg=1;t=%<nop>GMTIME= in this line
1 Repeat for the =%<nop>TMPL:DEF{"edit_topic_link"}%= template
1 Find the line that starts =%<nop>TMPL:DEF{"edit_wysiwyg_link"}%=. This is the line that defines the WYSIWYG command.
1 Remove =cover=%<nop>COMPOSER%&amp;= from this line (don't forget the &amp;)
1 Repeat for the =%<nop>TMPL:DEF{"wysiwyg_create_topic_link"}%= template
1 Save the file and quit the editor
Other skins work in similar ways.
---++ Q: The editor takes over the standard edit screen. That's OK, but how do I get access to the old (textarea) editor?
A: Foswiki has a 'Raw Edit' link on most screens that gives you access to the plain text editor, so this question is moot. In addition to this there are three ways to temporarily disable !TinyMCE:
1 Add=;nowysiwyg=1= to the end of the edit URL to disable it for a single edit,
2 =Set TINYMCEPLUGIN_DISABLE= in a web, topic, or personal preferences page to disable the editor for a web, topic or user,
3 =Set WYSIWYG_EXCLUDE= as described in WysiwygPlugin to disable the editor subject to certain content (e.g. Foswiki macros, pure Code.HTML etc) being in the page. This can also be set on a web, topic, or personal basis.
If you want a more permanent solution, see [[#FixingTheButtons][making Edit and !WYSWIYG buttons work]]
---++ Q: How do I *set* a Foswiki macro inside !TinyMCE?
1 Create a list item using the toolbar button
1 In the list item, type Set NAME = value
1 (Optional) Select the value, and format it using =Protect on save= format.
Step 3 is required if the value contains TML (The special Foswiki syntax called Topic Markup Language), or if you style it e.g. to add bold, or if it's sensitive to the correct number of spaces.
---++ Q: How can I *protect* content from !TinyMCE?
1 Select the content and select the "Protect forever" format. This will add &lt;sticky>..&lt;/sticky> tags around the content, which don't interfere with display but do prevent WYSIWYG editors from trying to interpret the content as HTML.
---++ Q: How do I *use* a Foswiki macro inside !TinyMCE?
A: Just type it in. When the topic is saved, what you type will be saved just as you wrote it. If any part of your macro parameters is sensitive to spacing, then select the entire Foswiki macro and assign the ==Protect on save== style to it.
---++ Q: Why doesn't copy-paste work on Internet Explorer?
A: It does, but you have probably got your security settings in IE set up to disable it. In IE got to Tools->Security->Internet->Custom Level->Allow paste operations via script. If this is set to 'Disable', then all internet applications are blocked from pasting using Javascript. Either enable this option, or add your Foswiki site to the list of Tools->Security->Trusted Sites.
---++ Q: Why do all my popups contain raw HTML?
A: You probably have your file extensions set up in Apache so that =.htm= files are treated as plain text. Look through your Apache config (including =.htaccess= for the =pub= directory) for a line that says something like: =AddType text/plain .htm= (probably with a bunch of other extensions). You can either remove =.htm= from that list, or you can add a .htaccess for the pub/System/TinyMCEPlugin directory that contains the line =AddType text/html .htm=
---++ Q: I write Foswiki applications. What is safe to edit?
A: It's impossible to be 100% certain that the use of a WYSIWYG editor will not change existing content such that Foswiki Applications no longer work. The !WysiwygPlugin is set up by default to make it as easy as possible to create new content and import content from other applications. However some Foswiki applications are written such a way that they "just work" - they take silent advantage of the sloppy parser used in TML rendering. Sloppy syntax can break the rules that WYSWYG relies on to be able to interpret TML and present it for editing.
Unfortunately there is no simple way to describe what will, and what won't, work with WYSIWYG. The best tactic is to use the &lt;sticky&gt; tag to protect such content (this tag is automatically applied by the "Protect forever" format).
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---+!! !TinyMCEPlugin
One line description, required for extensions repository catalog.
<img src="%ATTACHURL%/screenshot.gif"/>
This is an integration of the <a href=""><img src="" border="0" width="80" height="15" alt="TinyMCE" /></a> WYSIWYG editor. This is great little editor, fast and highly functional, and supporting a wide range of browsers, including Firefox, IE and Safari. At the time of writing it doesn't work with Opera or Konqueror.
The integration uses the Foswiki:Extensions.WysiwygPlugin to translate text to and from a format that !TinyMCE can edit.
Unlike the other editor integrations in Foswiki, which install "Word in a Browser" style editors, this plugin is able to swap out the _standard_ text areas in an edit and replace them with WYSIWYG editors. This means you get WYSIWYG editors for textareas in forms, as well as for the main text of the topic. It can also co-exist alongside other WYSIWYG editors, such as Kupu.
The editor automatically "switches itself off" (i.e. reverts to the old text-only window) when editing topics that contain Foswiki content it can't handle, such as complex macros.
---++ Editor Notes
The editor uses a translator module to convert from Foswiki Topic Markup Language (TML) to HTML and back. The translator converts special macros - such as %<nop>MACROS% - to plain text, and encloses them within HTML spans using a special style called =WYSIWYG_PROTECTED=. In this way the editor can detect text that is not meant to be HTML formatted. This style is _also_ used to protect special text you enter into the editor from being interpreted when the topic is translated back into TML. If you want to add any special features that are sensitive to formatting, such as =Set= statements, then you have to format those regions using 'Protect on save' or 'Protect forever'.
---++ Installation Instructions
* This plugin comes pre-installed on Foswiki. You should only need to re-install if there is an upgrade to the plugin.
* It requires the very latest revision of WysiwygPlugin.
* When installed, it *replaces* the old "textarea" editor. The default Foswiki skin provides access to the plain text editor by adding a Raw Edit link at the bottom of the page.
First follow the installation instructions to install the Plugin:
* *Enable* the WysiwygPlugin in =configure=.
* *Enable* the TinyMCEPlugin in =configure=.
* *Click* on edit of any topic.
---++ Preferences
If you want to change any of the preferences you are recommended to copy the examples below and paste them into your own [[%SYSTEMWEB%.PreferenceSettings][preference settings]]. The settings in this topic are just examples and have no effect.
The [[%SYSTEMWEB%.PreferenceSettings][preference setting]] =TINYMCEPLUGIN_INIT= lets you redefine all the options passed to the Tiny MCE editor on startup. For a full explanation of the available options, and
guidance on reconfiguring Tiny MCE, see the [[][Moxicode TinyMCE Wiki]]. The default options are as follows. Note the inclusion of the Pattern Skin standard CSS files in the
=content_css= setting.
editor_selector : "foswikiWysiwygEdit",
save_on_tinymce_forms: true,
cleanup : true,
theme : "advanced",
convert_urls : true,
relative_urls : false,
remove_script_host : false,
dialog_type: "modal",
extended_valid_elements : "li[type]",
forced_root_block : false,
setupcontent_callback : FoswikiTiny.setUpContent,
urlconverter_callback : "FoswikiTiny.convertLink",
foswikipuburl_callback : "FoswikiTiny.convertPubURL",
save_callback : "FoswikiTiny.saveCallback",
%IF{"$TINYMCEPLUGIN_DEBUG" then="debug:true,"}%
plugins : "table,searchreplace,autosave,paste,safari,inlinepopups,fullscreen,foswikibuttons,foswikiimage%IF{ "context TinyMCEUsabilityUpgradePluginEnabled" then=",foswikilink" else=""}%",
foswiki_secret_id : "%WYSIWYG_SECRET_ID%",
theme_advanced_toolbar_align : "left",
foswikibuttons_formats : [
{ name: "Normal", el: "", style: null },
{ name: "Heading 1", el: "h1", style: false },
{ name: "Heading 2", el: "h2", style: false },
{ name: "Heading 3", el: "h3", style: false },
{ name: "Heading 4", el: "h4", style: false },
{ name: "Heading 5", el: "h5", style: false },
{ name: "Heading 6", el: "h6", style: false },
{ name: "VERBATIM", el: "pre", style: "TMLverbatim" },
{ name: "LITERAL", el: "span", style: "WYSIWYG_LITERAL" },
{ name: "Protect on save", el: null, style: "WYSIWYG_PROTECTED" },
{ name: "Protect forever", el: null, style: "WYSIWYG_STICKY" }
paste_create_paragraphs : true,
paste_create_linebreaks : false,
paste_convert_middot_lists : true,
paste_convert_headers_to_strong : false,
paste_remove_spans: true,
paste_remove_styles: true,
paste_strip_class_attributes: "all",
theme_advanced_buttons1 : "foswikiformat,separator,bold,italic,tt,colour,removeformat,separator,bullist,numlist,outdent,indent,separator,link,unlink,anchor,separator,attach,image,charmap,hr,separator,undo,redo,separator,search,replace",
theme_advanced_buttons2: "tablecontrols,separator,code,hide,fullscreen",
theme_advanced_buttons3: "",
theme_advanced_toolbar_location: "top",
theme_advanced_resize_horizontal : false,
theme_advanced_resizing : true,
theme_advanced_path: false,
theme_advanced_statusbar_location : "bottom",
keep_styles : false,
content_css : "%PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/TinyMCEPlugin/wysiwyg%IF{"$TINYMCEPLUGIN_DEBUG" then="_src"}%.css,%PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/SkinTemplates/base.css,%FOSWIKI_STYLE_URL%,%FOSWIKI_COLORS_URL%"
You can set additional options for specific browsers. You can define extra options for MSIE, OPERA, GECKO and SAFARI. For example,
<verbatim> * Set TINYMCEPLUGIN_INIT_MSIE = paste_auto_cleanup_on_paste : true
The defaults are:
MSIE => 'paste_auto_cleanup_on_paste : true',
OPERA => '',
GECKO => 'gecko_spellcheck : true',
SAFARI => '',
* Warning: if you enable =paste_auto_cleanup_on_paste= then it automatically implies =paste_use_dialog= on all non-MSIE browsers.
You can *disable* the plugin in any web or topic, or for any specific user, by setting =TINYMCEPLUGIN_DISABLE= to 1. e.g.
<verbatim> * Set TINYMCEPLUGIN_DISABLE = 1
The plugin also respects the global =NOWYSIWYG= setting, which affects all
WYSIWYG editors.
Some browsers don't support Tiny MCE. You can prevent the editor from
being invoked on these browsers by setting =TINYMCEPLUGIN_BAD_BROWSERS= to a regular expression that matches the user-agent string for any broken browsers. The default is =(?i-xsm:Konqueror|Opera)=. For a full list of supported browsers see
You can use the [[%SYSTEMWEB%.PreferenceSettings][preference setting]] =TINYMCEPLUGIN_DEBUG= to make the editor load uncompressed Javascript and CSS. This is very helpful when debugging. e.g.
<verbatim> * Set TINYMCEPLUGIN_DEBUG = 1
---++ Frequently Asked Questions
The topic TinyMCEFrequentlyAskedQuestions contains more help with things like: "How do I configure the buttons in my skin?", "How do I disable the WYSIWYG?" etc.
---++ Plugin Info
Another great Foswiki extension from the <a style="text-decoration:none" href=""><img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/wikiringlogo20x20.png" alt="" /> *WikiRing* </a> - working together to improve your wiki experience!
| Author: | [[][Crawford Currie]] |
| Copyright: | &copy; 2007-2009 Crawford Currie |
| License: | [[][GPL (Gnu General Public License)]] |
| | This package also includes the complete sources for version 3.2.2 of the !TinyMCE editor which is covered by [[][its own license]]. |
| Version: | %$VERSION% |
| Release: | %$RELEASE% |
| Change History: | <!-- versions below in reverse order -->&nbsp; |
| 03 Jul 2009 | Foswikitask:Item8178: Check that the help elements are present before hiding or showing them, as they are not present in all skins. |
| 06 Jun 2009 | Foswikitask:Item5628: Make browser reload the javascript when this plugin is upgraded (Michael Tempest, Colas Nahaboo) Foswikitask:Item1529: Disable "Wiki text" button until editor has loaded topic text (Michael Tempest) |
| 24 May 2009 | Foswikitask:Item1205: add support for global NOWYSIWYG flag Foswikitask:Item1341: keep TML lettered & roman numeral lists (Michael Tempest) Foswikitask:Item1534: fix typewriter text (Michael Tempest) Foswikitask:Item1548: fix data-loss warning when saving from wiki-text (Michael Tempest) |
| 10 Apr 2009 | Foswikitask:Item1394: fixed colour handling Foswikitask:Item8108: added safari,inlinepopups,fullscreen plugins, fixed some minor bugs on IE |
| 03 Apr 2009 | Foswikitask:Item1383: Optimised the preferences Foswikitask:Item8094: fixed the pickaxe |
| 15 Mar 2009 | Foswikitask:Item930: Crawford Currie upgraded to Tiny MCE 3.2.2 and recoded all the standard plugins that had to be recoded |
| 21 Jan 2009 | Foswikitask:Item833: added SYSTEMWEB to foswiki_vars, simplifying the activation of the foswikilink dialog of Extensions.TinyMCEUsabilityUpgradePlugin (if installed) - Eugen Mayer |
| 06 Dec 2008 | Foswikitask:Item5859: removed XHR headers that were banjaxing NTLM - Eugen Mayer |
| 03 Dec 2008 | Crawford Currie re-released for the Foswiki project |
| 03 Aug 2008 | TWiki 4.2.1 release version |
| 04 May 2008 | TWikibug:Item5547: Change mechanism by which TMCE recognises textareas to camp on. Use class instead of element name. |
| 12 Apr 2008 | TWikibug:Item4946: I think I have finally fixed non-iso-8859-1 character sets. Painful. |
| 31 Mar 2008 | TWikibug:Item5314: TWikibug:Item5457: Fixed pickaxe mode for editing UTF-8. Characters above 255 are converted to entitites, which is a bit of a PITA, but at least it no longer corrupts topics. *NOTE: YOU MUST UPGRADE WysiwygPlugin TO 16600 OR LATER* |
| 28 Mar 2008 | TWikibug:Item5432: added upper case file extensions for images TWikibug:Item5206: fixed expansion of simple filenames entered in image popup TWikibug:Item5462: fixed hide attachment switch |
| 25 Jan 2008 | TWikibug:Item5287: links entered through dialog weren't working |
| 24 Jan 2008 | TWikibug:Item4840: TWikibug:Item5138: UTF8 fixes, TWikibug:Item5022: made TT font size same as verbatim. Had to add a new style to do it, as TMCE didn't want to play with TT or CODE tags. TWikibug:Item5138: post-conversion of 8-bit entities to characters to aid searching, TWikibug:Item5254: non-fatal JS error fixed, TWikibug:Item5263: remove preview on WYSIWYG edit, TWikibug:Item5116: added Opera to bad browsers filter |
| 20 Dec 2007 | TWikibug:Item5047: disable save and preview during page load TWikibug:Item5111: make the entry in the format menu sensitive to where the cursor is TWikibug:Item5022: made TT font size same as verbatim. Had to add a new style to do it, as TMCE didn't want to play with TT or CODE tags. |
| 19 Nov 2007 | TWikibug:Item4742: auto-disable if Wysiwyg is not enabled TWikibug:Item4820: validate mandatory fields on save TWikibug:Item4747: add &lt;sticky&gt; TWikibug:Item4811: noautolink *looks* like an HTML construct but in fact is not; the tag is infact an "on-off" switch and does not imply any HTML structure, so cannot be converted to a DIV or a span, so has to be removed. TWikibug:Item4817: added typewriter text button TWikibug:Item4850: added font colour controls TWikibug:Item4645: added attachment management features TWikibug:Item4945: added switch to raw and back |
| 16 Sep 2007 | TWikibug:Item4630: polished up the way the secret string is done, to ensure synch between perl and JS. TWikibug:Item4622: added UTF-8 handling steps that fixup malformed UTF8 strings before presenting them to the editor (saves Moz) and stops the editor passing them back to TWiki (saves IE). TWikibug:Item4603: added the draft help, so we can at least build the beta without the nasty warning |
| 13 Sep 2007 | TWikibug:Item4613 fixed navigate-away prompt when unchanged TWikibug:Item4583 TWikibug:Item4604 TWikibug:Item4614 TWikibug:Item4616 A clutch of issues caused by use of the wrong encoding function when passing UTF8 parameters to REST using XMLHttpRequest. |
| 12 Sep 2007 | TWikibug:Item4604 Converted to REST call for content conversion, to provide safe callback if JS is disabled in the browser TWikibug:Item4583 relaxed regex to try and make it work for UTF-8 topic names |
| 11 Sep 2007 | TWikibug:Item4535 refinements to link handling to improve topic name recognition |
| 07 Sep 2007 | TWikibug:Item4503 excess empty lines TWikibug:Item4486 no toc headers with unofficial syntax TWikibug:Item4560: empty lines lost TWikibug:Item4566: corrupted table on save |
| 06 Sep 2007 | TWikibug:Item4557 added missing files to package |
| 04 Sep 2007 | TWikibug:Item4534 TWikibug:Item4535 fixed |
| 14679 | TWikibug:Item4481 TWikibug:Item4524 fixed |
| 14668 | Bugfixes and refinements done as part of 4.2 release |
| 14543 | Added PROTECTED style, to allow protection of special text. Disable on unsupported browsers (untested) |
| 14538 | First release |
| Dependencies: | %$DEPENDENCIES% |
| Plugin Home: | |
| Support: | |
Many thanks to the following sponsors for supporting this work:
* [[][ILOG]]
* [[][Carrier Corporation]]
* [[][TWIKI.NET]]
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