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Item945: added unit test to verify history compatibility between RcsW…

…rap and RcsLite, but can't seem to reproduce the reported problem

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CrawfordCurrie CrawfordCurrie
CrawfordCurrie authored and CrawfordCurrie committed Feb 8, 2009
1 parent bd889ea commit cf94c6f44bb93406b0ded912788323f4c8ab4327
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  1. +16 −0 UnitTestContrib/test/unit/
@@ -679,4 +679,20 @@ sub verify_Item3122 {
$this->assert_equals("old", $text);
# Verify data compatibility between RcsLite and RcsWrap
sub test_Item945 {
my( $this ) = @_;
my $rcsWrap = new Foswiki::Store::RcsWrap($twiki, $testWeb, 'PinkPen');
my $rcsLite = new Foswiki::Store::RcsLite($twiki, $testWeb, 'PinkPen');
$rcsWrap->addRevisionFromText("old\nwrap text\n", "one", "iron", time());
$rcsWrap->addRevisionFromText("new\nwrap text\n", "two", "tin", time());
# $rcsWrap->numRevisions invokes histCmd, which is an rlog
$this->assert_equals(2, $rcsWrap->numRevisions());
$this->assert_equals(2, $rcsLite->numRevisions());
$rcsLite->addRevisionFromText("old\nlite text\n", "tre", "zinc", time());
$rcsLite->addRevisionFromText("new\nlite text\n", "for", "gold", time());
$this->assert_equals(4, $rcsWrap->numRevisions());
$this->assert_equals(4, $rcsLite->numRevisions());

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