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Highlights of this release

  • Contains 37 fixes and 14 enhancements
  • Implements 7 new features.
    • New "concatenate" feature allows incremental building of complex macros.
    • Attachment names allow embedded spaces without renaming.
    • Improved international character set support.

See ReleaseNotes02x01 for complete release notes.

For administrators:

  • New user registration topic features:
    • Simplified tailoring
    • Support for multiple custom registration topics with custom new user topic templates.

Foswiki 2.1.0 has an upgrade package available which can be used to upgrade in-place from a Foswiki 2.0.x system.

Translation status

As of this release,

  • French, German, Italian, Traditional Chinese and Ukrainian are 100% complete.
  • Czech, Danish are >95% complete.

For more details on translation status, see Translation Team and Foswiki's Weblate translation server. Foswiki is now using continuous translation, so contributions at any time are very helpful. Foswiki thanks the Translators for their Herculean efforts. If you are interesting in helping with the translation, please contact foswiki-translations@lists.sourceforge.net.

Features of Foswiki 2.1

A few of the feature proposals that have been implemented include:

  • AddConcatOptionToAttrs: Add +”more” and key+”more” options to macro arguments. This allows much cleaner and easier to read macro development
  • CompleteMIMESupportInEmail: Wrap all outgoing mails into uniform and safe MIME envelope. This permits full Unicode support in email messages.
  • CustomNewUserTemplates: Enhance register script to specify a templatetopic param instead of hard-coded ‘NewUserTemplate’. This also restructures the UserRegistration page to allow multiple custom registration pages. For example, using separate “VendorRegistration” and “EmployeeRegistration” pages.
  • DeprecateHTTPandHTTPS: Deprecate and restrict System.VarHTTP and System.VarHTTPS macros due to security concerns
  • MakeItEasierToBlockSystemWebGuestAccess: Simplify hiding the System web documentation.
  • SplitTopicAttachmentNameFilters: Separate the topic and attachment name filters, allow spaces in attachment names, remove colon from Topic names.

In addition to these features.

  • Sorting of tables and topics with non-ASCII data is significantly improved. The data is passed to NFKD normalization before sorting. Using perl Locales would still be preferable, but it requires the very latest perl version for proper operation, and this solution is a reasonable compromise.
  • Foswiki 2.1 implements Unicode NFC normalization of external data. This provides for better compatibility with users who upload attachments from a NFD normalized file system, such as Apple OS X clients, or when hosting Foswiki on an OS X file system.

For the complete list of enhancements and bug fixes, see Release Notes 02x01.

For installation information, see the System Requirements and the Installation Guide.

Please report issues at http://foswiki.org/Tasks.

We are looking forward to an interesting 2016 in the Foswiki space. There are several feature proposals under review which could be quite transforming for the next major Foswiki release.

George Clark