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The tools directory contains the following:

---++ a quick BuildContrib based TWikiRelease builder
      * running 'perl release' should result in TWiki.tgz and
      * List of dependencies for the build, in BuildContrib format
      * List of all the files that go in a release
      * Generates .txt files for POD docs in code modules

---++ Developer support
      * When run in an SVN checkout area, links all the twikiplugins into the core source tree, so they look as if they are installed.
      * Generates the plugins standards conformance report Plugins.PluginsConformanceReport
   * twiki2foswiki
      * A script that will do 95-99% of the work of converting an extension from TWiki namespace to Foswiki. You will still need to manually update doc work and comments in the code as required. 

---++ a full TWikiFor builder and installer
   * distro

---++ various tools to help configure TWiki
   * upgradeformat

---++ packaging info and scripts for various distributions
   * pkg
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