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This package provides commands to navigate through rails files while keeping some context - for example, when you keep your cursor in an action method on the cursor and navigates to the view, the correct view file should be open. Same for tests It is inspired on the great vim-rails.

What it does:

  • Go to model
  • Go to controller
  • Go to helper
  • Go to migration (the one that creates the record)
  • Go to view file
  • Go to test (rspec or test::unit)

What it will do:

  • Go to factory
  • Go to partial
  • Mailer support
  • Open in the same tab option


There is no keybinding defined for using without the vim-mode package - please feel free to suggest.

On vim command mode, the keybindings are g X, where X is:

  • m for model
  • c for controller
  • v for view
  • h for helper
  • s for test (spec - g t is already used on vim-mode)


  • atom-rails: Aims to be a replacement for vim-rails, but currently support only navigational features.
  • rails-transporter: A cool alternative using finder to complete views instead of open the current context.