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A XLIFF parser gem
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XLIFFer helps you to parse xliff files and get their content. You can read and modify your xliff files with it.


require 'xliffer'

# Opens a xliff file - can be a file descriptor or a string.
xliff ='file.xml'))

# get the first file definition on this XLIFF.
file = xliff.files.first

# prints the name of this file
puts file.original

# Prints the source and target languages from this file.
puts file.source_language
puts file.target_language

# Prints all string and the translations on this file.
file.strings.each do |string|
  puts  "#{string.source} => #{}"

# Changes the translation of texts "hi" to "oi"
file.strings.find_all { |s| s.source = "hi" }.each do |string| = "oi"

# Modifies the translation of a string in the file with the given id,
# or add the translation if don't exist
file['target-string-id'].target = "new translation to this id"

# Generate the new xml file with the change
puts xliff.to_s


  • Read all fields according to 1.2 specification
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