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Speedy unicode look ups.
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Speedy Unicode Build Status

A cross-platform app to quickly find unicode characters and copy them to the clipboard for use. Speedy Unicode


Text is a widely understood and supported medium. But it can be so much more than what's easily accessible with a standard keyboard. On mobile, we have emoji keyboards. Many apps have built-in emoji support (like Slack's :<emoji>: command). But for regular desktop usage, we have typically been limited to a QWERTY keyboard. Speedy Unicode aims to make the entire Unicode standard quickly accessible for use in any application.

How to Use

The keyboard shortcut ctrl + shift + x opens Speedy Unicode (cmd + shift + x for macOS). Start typing to search all unicode characters. Use the arrow keys and enter to select a character, which is then copied to the clipboard.

Quick unicode on the desktop

Edit Characters

Aliases can be added to standard unicode characters to make them easier to find. To add an alias, search for the character in the main window. Right click the row and select Edit. Enter an alias in the alias field. For multiple aliases, separate the entries with spaces.

Add Custom Characters

To add custom characters to Speedy Unicode's library, click on the tray icon and select Add custom character. By default, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and ಠ_ಠ are included. Any custom entry can be deleted by right-clicking the row in the main window and selecting Delete. Characters included in the unicode standard cannot be deleted.

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