Chat icon doesn't dissapear if disabled. (tint2+openbox) #124

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I opened settings right clicking on thunderbird(icedove) icon and went to section chat. Then enabled chat icon (icon appeared) and then disabled it (cuz I have no chat accounts set) but the icon still remains.

I tried reseting openbox env and tint2 panel. No succes.

Chat icon have no options right|left|middle click tried.


foudfou commented Apr 12, 2014

Thank you for reporting. I'll be fixing that soon.

foudfou commented Apr 13, 2014

Fixed in dab586c. Could you give it a try ?


Hash: SHA1

I cloned git source and checked diff the change is commited. But I can't
build FireTray. Strange error. Maybe some dependencies problem. I
googled and duckduckgoed that no succes.

The only output is:

:~/FireTray/src$ DEBUG=on ; colormake build
checking version consistency
checking loglevel
make: *** [check_loglevel] Błąd 1

Błąd is simply Error in polish. I made good polish translation for
FireTray:D (see attachment) And I am ready to give some helpful hand
in testing, advices, second eyes on code etc.. But first! How to build
that?! I also admit I am not a programmer. I know some linux:D

If you got your own GPG key I prefer encrypted contact. Mine is also in
attachment. So you can send me encrypted mails.


W dniu 13.04.2014 20:26, foudfou [Masked] pisze:

Fixed in dab586c
dab586c. Could you
give it a try ?

— Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub
#124 (comment).

Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)



lol did I missed something? :D
I also tried with debug option and without, with make and colormake. Same result.

// Polish translation forwarded to your email.

foudfou commented Apr 14, 2014

Hi, thank you for your help offer!
You should be able to build now (git pull first).


I am not familiar with git so something went wrong again. And I simply deleted git repository and cloned again:D Now it compiles successfully but I had to hack install.rdf file to make it work with icedove 17.0.10. Then it installs correctly but there is a new bug.
2014-04-14--1397462366_385x61_scrot Enabled
2014-04-14--1397462396_394x68_scrot Disabled again
2014-04-14--1397462410_445x63_scrot Enabled again
2014-04-14--1397462426_762x61_scrot Repeated a few times

So as you can see my panel is keep going smaller and smaller. When I restart tint2 everything is fine again or when I simply close Thunderbird (Icedove).

foudfou commented Apr 14, 2014

Forgot to mention that the minimum version for Thunderbird is now 27, due to the Windows port. So you should create a extensions.checkCompatibility.nightly preference set to false to be able to install FireTray seamlessly.
About the tray icon not being removed from the tray, I'll test with tint2 soon.

foudfou commented Apr 15, 2014

Hi, I can't reproduce the remove-icon-leaves-empty-space problem. Tested on Arch with gtk-2.24.23 openbox-3.5.2 tint2-0.11. What is your setup ?


Crunchbang #! 32 bit (Debian wheezy based) with backports wheezy-updates and wheezy-proposed-updates repository:
openbox 3.5.2-6bpo70+1
tint2 0.11
libgtk2.0-0 2.24.10-2

foudfou commented Apr 15, 2014

grr... mind posting your tint2rc ? Do you see any errors with logging enabled, in the console or the JS-console ?


tint2rc: I think nothing wrong here.

tint2 consolelog: (nothing appears here also when I reproduce bug)

real transparency on... depth: 32
xRandr: Found crtc's: 4
xRandr: Linking output DFP1 with crtc 0
NO XSETTINGS manager, tint2 use config 'launcher_icon_theme'.
ERROR: battery applet can't found power_supply
tint2 : nb monitor 1, nb monitor used 1, nb desktop 5
Loading Faenza. Icon theme : 'Faenza', 'gnome', 'hicolor',
launcher.c 211: Using icon /home/orest/.icons/Faenza/apps/32/synaptic.png
launcher.c 211: Using icon /home/orest/.icons/Faenza/apps/32/audacity.png
launcher.c 211: Using icon /usr/share/pixmaps/steam-debian.png

And I don't know what is JS-console:P Teach me and I will give you log.

foudfou commented Apr 15, 2014

No luck with your tint2rc: everything working fine.
Ok so for logging, you need to enable debug output, as described at the end here.
You can also launch the JS-Console with Ctrl-Shift-J.


Timestamp: 15.04.2014 13:53:37
Error: ReferenceError: listeners is not defined
Source File: chrome://firetray/content/options.js
Line: 646


foudfou commented Apr 15, 2014

Though I'm unable to reproduce with TB 24.4.0, not sure why the error is not thrown on my side, could you try eeec77a ?


I commited eeec77a change and the last error dont show up anymore but I am sure that new one is the thing:

"Czas: 15.04.2014 22:37:22
Ostrzeżenie: Oczekiwano koloru, ale odnaleziono „none”. Błąd podczas przetwarzania wartości dla „stop-color”. Deklaracja opuszczona.
Plik źródłowy: chrome://firetray/skin/pref-mail.svg
Wiersz: 0"

English Translation:
"Time: 04/15/2014 10:37:22 p.m. photos Warning: Expected color but found 'none'. Error while processing the value for "stop-color". Declaration abandoned.
Source file: chrome :/ / FireTray / skin / pref-mail.svg
Line: 0"

I've cleared the console and reproduced error and this is what show up. tries a few times and cosole shows the same warning. This might be the thing. Its cool that you commit changes so fast:D

foudfou commented Apr 16, 2014

mmh. So you're saying that the error (remove-icon-leaves-empty-space) remains ?
If so, can you explain the exact actions to reproduce the problem (like: are you closing the pref window each time ?) ? Can you possibly provide a VM illustrating the error ?
Oh and you didn't mention your TB version ?
I think the warning is just ...a warning (SVG), besides it's related to an image displayed in the preference window, not in the systray.


I am using Icedove from debian backported repos version 17.0.10-1~deb7u1.
actions i do:

  1. right click on tray icon -> preferences
  2. switch to CHAT tab
  3. click and click on checkbox (enable->disable->enable->disable)
  4. systray is groooowing. all
    5* closing preferences window makes no difference

I will make a short video using recordmydesktop later and send you a link how the thing looks like.
also will try to make identical VM (VirtualMachien? yes?) to my system and try to reproduce error on it. Give me some time

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