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Hello, first thanks for this great Thunderbird addon.

Plasma 5, the new version of KDE's Plasma Desktop, drop-out the xembed based system tray. There are some alternatives to fix it, you can read in

So, do you provide support to Plasma 5?

Thank you!


+1 I think this is an important one.

foudfou commented Nov 8, 2014

I've started experimenting on libappindicator.
The adaptation is not straightforward. I think we loose some events not available with appindicator:

  • click on icon (activate)
  • middle click

I'll try to work on it as it seems to help both KDE and Unity users (Unity not tested yet).


Yes I agree that isn't trivial. Unfortunately it there is no real way around it because more and more users upgrade to Plasma 5 and Ubuntu made Unity its standard desktop. On the other hand libappindicator also supports legacy systrays so you'll just need one code path to support all Linux desktops.

foudfou commented Nov 10, 2014

I prefer not to make libappindicator a requirements for all WM/DE flavors as it's needed only for Unity and KDE.
Besides, appindicators provide less functionality than standard system tray icons, and we don't want to limit user experience.

Anyway here are preliminary thoughts on what appindicator support implies:

  • Add menuitem Show/Hide
  • Add option for middle-click: Show/Hide or Activate Last
  • Disable new message count option (TB)
  • Disable chat icon (TB)

Comments and other suggestions welcome.

Please note I won't be able to work much on this in the short term.
But I'll be happy to mentor anyone willing to work on this. Patches also welcome.

foudfou commented Nov 22, 2014

Ok guys. I gave it a try: see branch appind (389e6ce).

I should generally work well. Some things are not working the way it should though:

Other than that, due to the very limiting nature of AppIndicators:

I now would encourage you to build and test this version, and see if it suites your needs.


Thanks for your hard work so far! I've compiled the branch and am now running the new version of the plugin. So far everything is looking good. As a first implementation I'm totally satisfied with the current state because it's much better than my previous solution: none.
Hopefully appindicator will get better support for other actions and events to be able to re-implement the missing pieces of the original behavior.

Rush commented Dec 22, 2014

Guys I am fresh to FireTray and I am a user of plasma5, how do I get started to get it working on the forementioned branch?

@foudfou foudfou added the AppInd label Dec 23, 2014
foudfou commented Dec 23, 2014

I wanted to have v0.5.3 out before merging the appind branch. I'll that soon.


How to hide icon in system tray? Because I use unity and Thunderbird integrated with indicator-messages. I don't like many items in tray.

foudfou commented Jan 5, 2015

@Rabotyahoff is your request related to #150 ? If so could you explain your needs precisely on #150 ?

xylo commented Jan 12, 2015

I wonder that this discussion is only about KDE 5. I'm using KDE 4.13.3 and Thunderbird 31.3.0 with FireTray 0.5.4 and discovered the same problems:

  • tray icon does not show the number of unread messages anymore
  • left click on tray icon does not work anymore
  • scroll up / down on tray icon does also not work

Some weeks ago everything worked fine but something major has changed and broke the entire add-on.

xylo commented Jan 12, 2015

OK, I found another bug report that addresses only the feature regression in version 0.5.4: #151

foudfou commented Jan 14, 2015

Ok. I'll close this one, as support for Plasma 5 is covered, although not perfect.
I think the with_appindicator preference deserves UI but that's another issue.
Also the appindicator doesn't provide as much functionality as with EWMH icons (#143).

@foudfou foudfou closed this Jan 14, 2015

I suggest the use of instead of libappindicator

Rush commented May 31, 2015

@ScorpionIT does it have right click support? The Ubuntu focused solutions usually only support left-click. My library supports right click event and is super simple, doesn't require even GLib.


it support left,right,middle click and scroll


@Rush I had a look at your library and it is very nice.
I have compiled it but when i launch the test binary I don't see the icon in the tray


For what it's worth, Skype somehow does the tray icon with left and right click working, I have no idea how. They also show number of unread messages on the icon. Missing tray icon left click support for Thunderbird and Pidgin is a pain :-( Not having constant distraction of unread count in the tray -- this I consider a feature ;-)

I've tried looking at source codes, but KDE development is not my pair of shoes :-(

ohhai commented Aug 1, 2015

Skype requires sni-qt package for that in KDE 5. For GTK apps installing libappindicator may help.

Rush commented Aug 2, 2015

@ScorpionIT it is fixed, have you given it a second shot?

kF13Ld commented Sep 3, 2015

As I am also running plasma 5 (as well as probably a lot of more people, i.e. at least everyone using Kubuntu 15.04), would you guys mind publishing a new version of FireTray?

foudfou commented Sep 3, 2015

@kF13Ld I'm willing to do this shortly. We must also take the time for review process into account...
Meanwhile, you may want to build for yourself.

kF13Ld commented Sep 6, 2015

@foudfou: Ok, compiling indeed worked, but what was not mentioned in your how to was to change the line 11 in the file src/logging.jsm from
const FIRETRAY_LOG_LEVEL = "All"; // "All" for debugging
const FIRETRAY_LOG_LEVEL = "Warn"; // "All" for debugging.
Otherwise it would not compile (forgot error message).

After installing the plugin, you can see the result here:

The icon does not show, but it is there. I.e. I can right click on it to get the context menu, and middle click to open the thunderbird window.

Also, for new messages, a letter symbol correctly appears. But for some reasons, the normal thunderbird icon is invisible. I have already tried setting a custom icon, with no help.

foudfou commented Sep 7, 2015

@kF13Ld , I can confirm this new issue (missing icons for plasma 5). Tested on Fedora22.
I'm created a new issue #199. Please follow up there.


Is there a released version that includes this fix ? currently I'm testing firetray on kubuntu 15.10 and the system tray icon still doesn't appear.


Building git version works, but left click to show/hide the window doesn't work, I have to use right click -> show/hide menu option.

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