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Thunderbird 13.0 linux duplicate window bug #46

sgrayban opened this Issue Jun 6, 2012 · 29 comments


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sgrayban commented Jun 6, 2012

I just upgraded Thunderbird to 13.0 and after the first time I click on the tray icon to open TB any clicks after that creates another TB window so I have 2 TB windows all the time. Follow ?


foudfou commented Jun 6, 2012

Hi, works in my environment. Could you provide further details like:

  • Linux distro version
  • Desktop environment (if any)
  • Window manager
  • GTK+ version
  • Do you notice any errors in the javascript console (CTRL-Shift-J)

sgrayban commented Jun 7, 2012

Debian 6.0 (Squeeze)

No java errors

kevincox commented Jun 7, 2012

I would just like to say that this happened to me twice but then it stopped. I'm not sure if it stopped when I upgraded to the latest version but I though it was earlier than that.

sgrayban commented Jun 8, 2012

It's not going away in my case. So far it happens all the time.

kevincox commented Jun 8, 2012

What version are you on?

sgrayban commented Jun 8, 2012

Of firetray ? 0.4.0b3 which is what I downloaded from the git repo the other day and installed it think that it might have the fixes already but it didn't.

kevincox commented Jun 9, 2012

I'm running 0.4.2. Do you want to try it out, it could be a regression.

sgrayban commented Jun 9, 2012

sure -- i'll try anything

how are you going to send it ?

sgrayban commented Jun 9, 2012

opps sorry for all those replies -- the site is acting up

kevincox commented Jun 9, 2012

I it is the same version that is on AMO.

sgrayban commented Jun 9, 2012

That's the firefox addon which does work -- its the TB version isn't working. Maybe I didn't clarify that.

kevincox commented Jun 9, 2012

Sorry, the link was bad but I did mean the ThunderBird version. The
thunderbird version is here:

sgrayban commented Jun 9, 2012

same issue -- really weird

sgrayban commented Jun 9, 2012

I just installed TB 12 again and I don't have this issue so it must be a TB 13 problem

kevincox commented Jun 9, 2012

Yup, I'm on 12. I guess I won't upgrade yet then :)

sgrayban commented Jun 9, 2012

Oh well maybe they will fix this issue soon


foudfou commented Jul 9, 2012

Hi, @kevincox is it possible for you to provide a VirtualBox VM that illustrates your problem ?

kevincox commented Jul 9, 2012

My issue was fixed, sorry if that was unclear.

I still have this problem with Thunderbird 13 and the latest FireTray version on Linux Mint 13.


foudfou commented Jul 9, 2012

@problemzebra could you to provide a VirtualBox VM that illustrates the problem (same environment) ?

I can't reproduce this in a VM. Maybe this problem only occurs when a multi-monitor setup is used? Also, I did not create a real account in Thunderbird.

sgrayban commented Jul 9, 2012

hmm I use dual monitors but this wasn't happening in the previous versions so what changed to make this happen ?

mathbr commented Jul 15, 2012

Just a quick info that I see the same issue with TB 11.0 and Firetray 0.4.2 on Debian Sid here. The issue did not occur with the old 0.3.x versions.


foudfou commented Jul 16, 2012

@sgrayban I just realized you're using gtk_binary_version=2.10.0, whereas 2.20+ is required.

Debian 6.0.5 does not have gtk 2.20 in its repo's


foudfou commented Sep 20, 2012

I'm not a Debian guru, but I've got a Debian vm here and it has GTK 2.20 installed from official repos. See also http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/libgtk2.0-0.

mathbr commented Sep 20, 2012

The issue seems gone for me. Not sure which library update has fixed it though. :-/ GTK is on 2.24.10 here. Xfwm4 (window manager) on 4.8.3.

I can confirm the same behavior/bug.
Using Opensuse 12.2 (current)
KDE 4.9.3
libgtk = 2.24.10
TB 17.0
FireTray 0.4.3
dual monitors (I guess this is important)

I finally have found out how this bug can be reproduced (at least on my machine):

  • start Thunderbird with Firetray extension
  • double click on email to open a new tab with this email
  • drag this tab outside the thunderbird window
  • result: a new thunderbird window is opened which canniot be closed anymore (clicking on "x" just makes this window invisible)
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