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firefox 13.0 double click doesn't restore window after s2ram #47

toralf opened this Issue Jun 10, 2012 · 4 comments

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toralf commented Jun 10, 2012

When I suspend my system and wake it up, I can only restore the window by an right-click and selecting the appropriate tab.

foudfou commented Jul 9, 2012

Hi, could you provide more information about your environment — and possibly a VM illustrating the problem ?

toralf commented Jul 21, 2012

Well, it is a stable Gentoo and it seems not related to s2ram. It happens after I used FF a few times (minimizing/maximizing/resizing).

foudfou commented Jul 24, 2012

I think I had a similar problem with an old install of FireTray, while wanting to click on the systray icon to show/hide FF windows: nothing happens, no message in the JS console.
I just re-installed FireTray. Now I can't reproduce the bug.
If you can reproduce the bug in a VM, that would help a lot.

toralf commented Sep 9, 2012

Well, with ff 15.0.1 I realized, that a middle-click always work, while left click after s2ram is non-functional. Exiting ff and restarting it however brings expected behaviour back.

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