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TB 13.0 is crashing on startup #48

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Thunderbird 13.0 is crashing on startup if both FireTray 0.4.2 and Lightning 1.5.1 (with Google Calendar) are installed.


Hi, could you try with the latest update from AMO ?


Oops sorry I misread your post: you're right, v0.4.2 is actually the latest.


I have Thunderbird 13.0.1 Firetray 0.4.2 gContact 0.3.5 Google calendar tab 3.9 Lookout 1.2.13
running on Ubuntu 10.04.
Thunderbird crashes on startup without leaving any error messages after a recent update.
I find that if I delete the line:
pref("extensions.firetray.new_mail_icon_names", '["indicator-messages-new", "mail-message-new"]');
in file:
then thunderbird starts OK. Any help?


Clarification of the previous post - thunderbird works OK but firetray icon does not show up in bar.


@richfeat have you tried things mentioned in #32 and #22 (search for gsettings) ?

@warhall could you provide a VirtualBox VM illustrating the problem ?


This is happening in tb-16.0_beta4 now as well, there is no unity in my system as I am not a gnome user. The report I receive in dmesg is due to an anonymous write to memory which is not permitted on a pax enabled kernel.

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