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Locale setting issues #69

anothertaj opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Dear developers.

Thunderbird is a disaster as far as locale settings are concerned. I want to have it use en_DK (instead of default en_US with its silly date&time settings).

Changing settings in Preferences - Advanced - Config Editor does not help.
Worse: setting general.useragent.locale to en_DK.utf8 (or anything else other than en-US) prevents FireTray to start thunderbird at login.

When I run thunderbird from command line or from menu (Xubuntu) I managed by exporting LC_TIME or LC_ALL:

$ export LC_TIME=en_DK.UTF-8
$ thunderbird

The menu runs the following script:

export LC_ALL=en_DK.utf8

However, for some dark reason FireTray completely ignores the user locale settings when it starts thunderbird at login.

What would be wisdom? It would be best if Thunderbird gave more freedom in setting date/time preferences. Until then FireTray should at least follow the user environment preferences.


Hi, I'm not sure about Thunderbird. I'm quite confident there is just no official en_DK build yet. I can only encourage you to meet/build your localization team (see ?)
As for FireTray, it is not localized yet: it embeds only the messages for en_US. Which means all locales default to en_US.
As I now consider the re-write of FireTray (v0.4+) stabilized, it might be a good idea to submit it to BabelZilla. I'll do that very soon, and advise it here on this bug. Your translation of FireTray to en_DK will be very welcome then !

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