Wrong unread message count for DavMail/Exchange account #83

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I use DavMail & TB to connect to my corprate Exchange server. In TB it's configured as an IMAP account. The unread message count shown by FireTray is always too high. e.g. right now it shows 10 unread while TB itself correctly shows none. I also use the Exchange 2010 Calendar & Tasks Provider with Lightning for a calendar.

I believe (though it's really not clear) that the incorrect unread count is associated with Exchange calendar invitations that come to my inbox. I'm not sure exactly what the association is, or how they may be affecting it, but I kind of have a gut feeling that they're related (sorry - I know that's not too useful).



Hi, that will be hard to reproduce.
I just tested an IMAP access to a Microsoft Office 365 trial account. Everything works fine so far.
I guess what I need now are steps to reproduce the issue.
Do you know about Exquilla ? See also #55.
BTW, can anybody provide me with a MS Exchange account for future tests ?


This may very well be specific to my set-up. My steps to reproduce the issue is to enable FireTray and wait a few minutes. It happens every time. Our company's Exchange server does not enable IMAP directly so I'm using DavMail. I've not heard of Exquilla before (not sure why it did not come up when I was researching how to do this a year ago). I'll give it a try.

Thanks a lot!!


Oh. I didn't know about DavMail. If I can't have access to a DavMail/IMAP account, then the only thing I can recommend to is providing FireTray debugging logs (see wiki for instructions).

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