Suggestion: solution to all the 'wrong unread messages' issues here #86

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My use case

Hello, as I faced this issue as well, came here and read a lot of 'wrong unread messages' already reported issues.

I've not read through all of them but this is the conclusion I came into:
As Thunderbird manages folders in some 'strange'-to-me way (a deleted message is kept in folders like Important or All Mail, and other crappy things like these).

When someone recieves an email, in Thunderbird (at least in my case) the email is kept both in the Inbox folder and in the All Mail folder. Which means for every new email I recieve, Firetry counts it as 2 unread emails which is understandable.

For instance, if I have no unread emails in my Inbox folders (I have 5 email accounts), and if I reset the Firetry counter, when a new email arrives it shows numbres like '86' or so... Which made me think... I opened all the subfolders like All Mail, Spam, Trash, Important, and there were a total of 85 unread emails in these folders. Emails that I had already read, but as Thunderbird's email management is crap it didn't delete these messages from the other folders as well.

After I deleted all these 85 emails that I already read in the past, the counter went back to normal.

Purposed solution

In order to avoid such 'wrong' numbers to appear in Firetray I suggest a simple feature where the user can select with a checkbox only the folders that the user wants to be tracked from his email accounts.

For example, I want to keep track only of my Inbox folders, and I assume other people want this too, as they wouldn't care about the other folders. That way Firetray will always keep a 'correct' count of the really-not-read-messages.

I'm well aware of the Firetray preferences --> Mail options, although what I'm suggesting here would merge these options in a more user-friendly and more customizable configuration.

Current workaround

My current workaround has been to make my Inbox as Favourite folders and then in the Firetray preferences --> Mail check the box Only favorite folders.

But as said, this is a workaround, not really a solution. Why? There are other plugins which work with Favourite folders, which means if I have to add Favourite folders for Firetray it will make other plugins not work with the folders I wanted initially.

Btw, thanks for this nice plugin, IMHO it's the best one.


foudfou commented Mar 25, 2013

Hi, as I understand it, this is a follow-up of #45, and I guess we should look into #45 (comment). So the first step would be to replace the favorite folder hack by a custom flag on the folder that could be set via a context menu entry. Am I correct ?

this is a follow-up of #45

Yes you can see it that way. Although, instead of follow-up it's more of a rewrite of #45.

So the first step would be to replace the favorite folder hack by a custom flag on the folder that could be set via a context menu entry. Am I correct ?

Either that, or just add a checkbox system in the Firetray preferences --> Mail window, which will show all existing folders from all accounts, and from there the user can click the checkboxes of the folders he wants Firetray to monitor.

Also, I'm fine with a contextual menu (when you right click on a folder) with something like Firetray monitor or whatever you can think of, but the first option is undoubtedly more user-friendly.

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