"Create new message" item in the right click menu does not work #177

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What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Using Firetray on Thunderbird 3.1.11
2. Right click on the Firetray icon for thunderbird and select "Create new 

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
Expected: A new window for writing a new email

What version of the extension (FireTray) are you using?

What application (Firefox, Thunderbird, ...) and which version are you
Thunderbird 3.1.11

On what distribution, version and architecture (x86 vs amd64)?
Linux Mint, 64bit, 11.04

Please provide any additional information below.

Original issue reported on code.google.com by seyed.mo...@gmail.com on 1 Aug 2011 at 7:44

Same issue here with Thunderbird 5 + FireTray 0.3.1 on PCLinuxOS 2011 32bit

Original comment by isak.ens...@gmail.com on 2 Aug 2011 at 10:26


Same behaviour in Debian Squeeze 32 bit Thunderbird (IceDove) 3.0.11 + FireTray 

Original comment by daniel4x...@gmail.com on 13 Aug 2011 at 6:33

And do not work in T9.0.1 in Linux Mint 12 with XFCE (Xubuntu 11.10) in 
FireTray 0.3.5, but still is good plugin :) It would be a good time to fix it, 
please. Thanks for your work. 

Original comment by janousk...@gmail.com on 13 Jan 2012 at 12:00

I don't know why, but this feature is simply not implemented in the latest 
version (responsible function is missing and commented out). 

However, implementing this feature is not that hard [1]. You can try out the 
attached xpi if you're running a 32-bit Linux. 

Currently, the default account is selected as sending account (from field) each 

[1] Compose New Message - MDN

Original comment by vim...@gmx.com on 14 Jan 2012 at 9:23


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