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Fougerite project

Active Development Page:

Fougerite a fully compatible with Magma server mod, featuring better performance with Python and C# plugins.


  • Compile Fougerite.Patcher.
  • Copy the patcher to the directory with Assembly-CSharp.dll and run it with a "-1" (first pass) option.
  • Copy patched Assembly-CSharp.dll to References directory.
  • Compile Fougerite
  • Compile plugins.
  • Run the patcher with a "-2" (second pass) option.


  • Backup Your server just incase, if something would go wrong.
  • Download the latest release (usually unstable) or the previous one.
  • Unpack dlls and install them to rust_server_Data\Managed directory.
  • Run Patcher.
  • Rename your MagmaDirectory.cfg config to FougeriteDirectory.cfg.
  • If you using Magma copy your plugins from the "save" folder to: "Server_Folder\Fougerite" (main server's folder, if "Fougerite" folder doesn't exist, just create it) and read read WARNINGs.
  • Launch your server.

WARNING: If you using Magma you must extract all your files from "save" to main server folder (with rust_server.exe).
Plugins must be placed in "Server_Folder\Fougerite\MagmaPlugin" - for example "Server\Fougerite\MagmaPlugin\SuperPlugin.js"
Other Plugins and Modules will have their own folders here, too. See Fougerite.cfg.

Come play on the Official Fougerite Rust server at (

Use Git Issues system to report bugs, please. Please visit our forum for more information.

Developed by EquiFox & xEnt (Rust++ and Magma)
Forked by Riketta (Zumwalt Project)
Renamed by Alexknvl (from "Zumwalt" to "Fougerite")
19-NOV-2014: Contributions and on-going maintenance undertaken by Team Pluton


Fougerite Project is unofficial fork of Magma. Forked to develop it with community.




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