Claudette is a fork of ColDet - 3D Collision Detection Library
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Claudette v0.1 by Fougue Ltd, fork of

ColDet - 3D Collision Detection Library
Copyright (C) 2000 Amir Geva


ColDet is a 3D collision detection library, intended for games.
It supports generic polyhedra, and even polygon soups.

As ColDet is no longer actively maintained, Fougue decided to fork the project to keep it up to date :

  • ensure source code builds with recent C/C++ compilers
  • use GitHub as main project infrastructure


It is written in standard C++ and can be compiled on Windows or GNU/Linux systems

Other systems that have g++ will probably compile with no modification.
The code is portable to any system with a standard C++ compliant compiler (as compliant as they get)


Claudette can be built with CMake, by default a shared library is generated.

  1. For an out-of-source build, create a directory where the build will take place (say build)
  2. Call cmake, passing as argument the directory where is located CMakeLists.txt
  3. (n)make
  4. (n)make install

Read CMakeLists.txt to figure out how to build debug and release libraries.


The HTML reference manual generated by Doxygen is here


It is distributed under the Library GNU Lesser Public License (see the file: COPYING)
Any redistribution of the files in this package must include the entire package.

Contact Information

Web Site:

Original author of ColDet:
Web Site:

Hwow to report a bug

If you think you have found a bug in Claudette, we would like to hear about it so that we can fix it.
The Claudette bug tracking system is open to the public at

Before reporting a bug, please use the bug-tracker's search functions to see if the issue is already known.

Always include the following information in your bug report:

  • the name and version number of your compiler;
  • the name and version number of your operating system;
  • the version of Claudette you are using, and what options it was compiled with.

If the problem you are reporting is only visible at run-time, try to create a small test program that shows the problem when run.