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FouleFactoryApiLib V 1.1.100

This API SDK was automatically generated by APIMATIC v2.0.

How To Configure:

The generated code might need to be configured with your API credentials. To do that, open the file "Configuration.php" and edit it's contents.

How To Build:

The generated code has dependencies over external libraries. These dependencies are defined in the composer.json file. To resolve these dependencies, we use the Composer package manager. You will need internet access for this.

  1. If you have not already installed Composer, install the latest version.
  2. Once Composer is installed, from commandline, run composer install to install dependencies.

How To Use:

For using this SDK do the following:

  1. Use Composer to install the dependencies. See the section "How To Build".

  2. See that you have configured your SDK correctly. See the section "How To Configure".

  3. Depending on your project setup, you might need to include composer's autoloader in your PHP code to enable autoloading of classes.

    require_once "vendor/autoload.php";
  4. Import the SDK client in your project:

    use FouleFactoryApiLib\FouleFactoryApiClient;
  5. Instantiate the client. After this, you can now get the controllers and call the respective methods:

    $client = new FouleFactoryApiClient();
    $controller = $client->getTaskAnswerTexts();