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Surveying using the dashboard

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Once you have tested a number of points and submitted them to the online dashboard, you may want to get access to the data you have collected as well. You can do this by visiting the kobocollect dashboard. First, click on this link

Login with your account details. If you don't have an account, create one using the "create an account" link.

Once logged in , you will encounter the main "dashboard". From here you can access your surveys, your account information, as well as any data you might have collected.

Click on a survey to access any information about it. If you make changes to a survey by adding or removing questions, it is necessary to "redeploy" it. More information can be found in the KoboCollect support site

To access data collected from your projects, click on the "Project" button:

A new tab will open with the Projects page. You will be able to access many different ways of viewing and analyzing your data here.

To view a report of your data generated by KoboCollect, click on the tab indicated by the arrow.

To view all of your collected data points on a map, click on the indicated tab. Once you enter the page, you can zoom into any specific point, and click on it to get data for that specific point.

To export your data, click on the indicated link. You can choose from a variety of formats.

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