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@rafibomb rafibomb released this Jun 30, 2016 · 223 commits to develop since this release

Just one important commit on this release!

Adds Ruby Gem Scaffold and ReadMe

Sand Pond Lake

Located in the Lakes Basin Recreation Area and within view of the majestic Sierra Buttes, Sand Pond is a popular Tahoe National Forest day use area. Whether you're looking for swimming, wading, picnicking, or hiking, Sand Pond is a unique place to relax and spend an enjoyable afternoon.

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@rafibomb rafibomb released this Jun 30, 2016 · 243 commits to develop since this release

Another deep release, from new implementations, features, and bug fixes.


We skipped ahead to 2.2 from 2.1 because there were so many great features jammed into this release!

Running a Ruby environment? Now you can use Foundation for Emails Gem and Inky-rb in your Rails asset pipeline!


  • Rails version if Inky! Inky.rb - foundation/inky#33
  • Rails version of Foundation for Emails!
  • Buttons can now have target attributes - foundation/inky#42
  • You can now vertically align content in columns and Source order - HTML attributes can now be passed to row’s and columns - foundation/inky#45
  • Spacer height can now be controlled by media query in HTML - foundation/inky#36 Thanks to @ethanmay
  • Added data-attribute no-expander to to disable the .expander - foundation/inky#29
  • Preheader is now a typography feature and supported in ZURB Stack - cd44785
  • Menu items can now have target attributes - foundation/inky#54 fixes #465
  • <raw> Inky tag to ignore parsing handlebars and other things that should not be changed - foundation/inky#28
  • Buttons can now expand on the small breakpoint only - 92528bf
  • Radius class for container - 17b8905
  • Adds .small-expanded image class to make images 100% width on small

Bug fixes

If you're into seeing all the commits, you'll find them here: v2.1.0...v2.2.0


In order to be able to use Foundation for Sites and Emails together without conflicts, the Foundation for Emails CSS file’s name has changed.

If you are using the CSS version you can make the change below:
Instead of being named foundation.min.css it is now foundation-emails.min.css

Sass Settings Changes

  • Added $container-radius: 0; variable
  • Moved global-font-color: $black; and $body-font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; from global section to typography section
  • Changed $hr-border: 1px solid $black; to match browser/email client defaults
  • Changed $body-line-height: $global-line-height; from a hard coded px value

Check out the committed changes.


Here are the folks who made this release possible. If you want to contribute, check out our contributing page on the Foundation site, or browse the help wanted issue tag on GitHub.

*The Bismarck Sea lies in the southwestern Pacific Ocean to the north of the island of Papua New Guinea and to the south of the Bismarck Archipelago and Admiralty Islands. Like the Bismarck archipelago, it is named in honor of the German chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The Bismarck archipelago extends round to the east and north of the sea, enclosing the Bismarck Sea and separating it from the Pacific Ocean. To the south it is linked to the Solomon Sea by the Vitiaz Strait. It was the site of a major Japanese naval defeat in the Battle of the Bismarck Sea during World War II on 3 and 4 March 1943.


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@rafibomb rafibomb released this Apr 21, 2016 · 353 commits to develop since this release

Lots of awesome changes in this release, from new components to workflow enhancements.


  • New Inky components! Two new Inky components further speed up the coding of your emails and create more consistant test results. These new tags are <wrapper> and <spacer>.
  • Litmus testing, Amazon S3 image hosting, and asset zipping!


  • Added Litmus testing, Amazon S3 image hosting, and asset zipping!:
    • If you have a Litmus and S3 account this will be a HUGE time saver! From the command line, you can send a test directly to Litmus and your images will be hosted and paths replaced for you. Not to mention a command to zip you HTML and CSS files for your ESP.
    • Huge, huge props to Dan Van Brunt @iDVB on GitHub and Twitter for setting this up and getting it across the line for this release! Give him a shoutout!
  • Added <wrapper> Inky component tags:
    • Creates a consistant wrapper for adding full or fluid width backgrounds.
    • Allows targeting of elements within for custom CSS.
    • .wrapper-inner: Class to allow adding padding to wrapper itself.
  • Added <spacer> Inky component tags:
    • Creates consistant vertical spacing within or between elements.
    • size="x" will determing height of the spacer in pixels. So size="32" will be 32px hight.
    • Thanks to Antonin Cezard, @acezard on GitHub, who submitted the Pull Request for <spacer>!
  • Added boilerplate code to default layout to prevent IOS font size upscaling:
    • Special div that removes inconsitancy of automated font upscaling - See commit

Bug fixes

  • Expanded buttons: Fixed the text centering issue, improved touch target to 100% of button, and added alt expanded class to Inky - See commit
  • Updated templates with new components and improved styles - See commit.
  • Fix for button border variable to allow edits in settings - See commit. Thanks to Scott Pinkelman @sco-tt on GitHub!

Nerd out on all the commits: v2.0.1...v2.1.0


Here are the folks who made this release possible. If you want to contribute, check out our contributing page on the Foundation site, or browse the help wanted issue tag on GitHub.

Formed over 2 million years ago, Lake Tahoe (/ˈtɑːhoʊ/) is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada of the United States. At a surface elevation of 6,225 ft (1,897 m), it straddles the border between California and Nevada, west of Carson City. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America.[3] Its depth is 1,645 ft (501 m), making it the second deepest in the United States after Crater Lake (1,945 ft (593 m)).[1] Additionally, Lake Tahoe is the sixth largest lake by volume in the United States at 122,160,280 acre·ft (150,682,490 dam3), behind the five Great Lakes.


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Apr 21, 2016
Bump to version 2.1.0

@gakimball gakimball released this Mar 25, 2016 · 390 commits to develop since this release

  • Fixed expanded buttons not working in Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013.

The Gulf of California is one of the smallest seas in the world. Fitting for this release, huh?


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@gakimball gakimball released this Mar 23, 2016 · 409 commits to develop since this release

This is it! Version 2.0.0 of Foundation Emails supercharges the original Ink with a Sass codebase, a full email development boilerplate, and Inky, a new templating language for writing HTML emails faster.

How to Get Started

Like with Foundation for Sites, we have a CSS version and Sass version of the framework. The CSS version is the fastest way to get started, but the Sass version gives you the power of a full Gulp build system for development.

We've got full tutorials for both flavors of the framework:

Changes since 2.0.0 RC4

  • Finished thumbnail styles.
  • Correctly added bottom margins to callouts.
  • Fix min-width calculation for <center> tags.
  • Fix issues with vertical menus in some clients.
  • Added an inner class to .callout to fix various issues.
  • Properly sent font color of buttons in Gmail.
  • Fix centered buttons not working.

Did you know? The Caspian Sea is the largest inland body of water on Earth. It's also home to lil ol' Caspian Seals. We strongly recommend Googling images of them.


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@gakimball gakimball released this Mar 21, 2016

  • Centering classes were reworked to match the naming of Foundation for Sites. .text-center applies center alignment to text, and .float-center centers an element using margin: 0 auto.
  • Correctly remove padding on nested columns.
  • Fix the CSS for centering <img> elements.
  • Fix use of the <center> tag inside of a column.
  • Fix border and margin issues on buttons.
  • Make visibility classes work better in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Fix incorrect background color on .secondary buttons.
  • Fix the hover state of .success buttons not working.
  • Use <th> instead of <td> for callouts, to fix issues with callouts and the grid interacting.
  • Fix the menu's .small-vertical class not working in some clients.
  • Prevent the grid .collapse class from cascading to nested grids.
  • Reworked the markup of menus to fix display issues in Outlook.
  • Removed the padding from menus to make them work more like inline lists.
  • Removed the .simple class from menus.
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@gakimball gakimball released this Mar 8, 2016 · 583 commits to develop since this release

  • Many settings variables had their names changed to make things more consistent with Foundation for Sites. You might want to update your settings file to match the most recent one.
  • The starter project template was updated to change the injection point for inline styles, to be in the <body> instead of the <head>.
  • Updated the CSS for expanded buttons to fix bugs in a few email clients.
  • Fixed grid offsets being incorrectly calculated.
  • Removed a bunch of placeholder test CSS from the final foundation.css.
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@gakimball gakimball released this Feb 22, 2016 · 651 commits to develop since this release

  • Fixed buttons always being 100% width.
  • Fixed expanded buttons not displaying properly.
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@gakimball gakimball released this Feb 22, 2016 · 657 commits to develop since this release

This is our first public release of Foundation for Emails 2.0! If you're just joining us, here's what's new:

  • A Sass-powered codebase with a full set of variables
  • New components, including callouts, menus, and thumbnails
  • A full email build system with Sass support, image compression, BrowserSync, and email inlining.
  • A new templating language, Inky, which converts simple HTML tags into full email-ready tables.

How to Get Started

To get started, you'll need Node.js installed on your computer (a plain CSS version is coming soon!). Then download our Foundation for Emails template and follow the install instructions in the readme.

Or, if you have the Foundation CLI, update it to the latest version with npm update foundation-cli --global, and you can install Emails templates with the foundation new command.

Once you've got everything set up, check out our example templates, with code samples for every component. The readme also includes an overview of the syntax for Inky, our new templating language.

How to Contribute

Here are the goals of the Release Candidate and how you can get involved:

  • Build email layouts and report on issues found.
  • Test what you build to ensure it works with supported clients.
  • Jump in on conversations relating to workflows and decision making for the framework.

These are the ways you can contribute:

  • Comment on the feedback threads: We created some very specific threads to collect feedback on. Your feedback and questions will be addressed there and influence the framework.
  • Open a GitHub issue: Open an issue for any bugs you encounter so we can fix them before the next release on Feb 26th.
  • Submit a Pull Request: See an issue on the docs or something that just doesn’t work the way you’d expect? A pull request is the best way to be one of the first to be part of the new Foundation for Emails.

Based on your feedback, and pull requests we'll be pushing weekly updates.

Next Steps

We'll be releasing new release candidates every Friday for the next few weeks, until the framework ships in March.

Nestled in the mountains of central Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes are a collection of sixteen lakes arranged in a cascade all connected in the same flow of water.


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