My notes etc. for following along with Jeff Leek's Coursera course on Data Analysis.
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[Coursera] Data Analysis: Lecture Notes & Course Work

These are my notes, experiments, and coursework for the Data Analysis course on Coursera, taught by Jeffrey Leek (see also: Simply Statistics). The one-liner description of the course from the Coursera site:

Learn about the most effective data analysis methods to solve problems and achieve insight.

About this Repository

The course uses R as the primary tool for conducting data analyses. Leeks recommends using R Studio, and so do I. (Also: do yourself a favor and get R Studio set up to use R Markdown.)

"Why didn't someone tell me...?"

Fork Jeff Leek's notes:

A Note About Plagiarism

In December 2013, someone brought it to my attention the people were using these notes not to help themselves in their learning process, but to cheat and to plagiarize. I'd had high hopes that these would be useful and not harmful. But as the world is apparently full of cheating scumbags, I've had to remove the quizzes and assignments.