Co-(re)-reading notes for Infinite Jest.
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Infinite Jest co-reading notes

To play along, you'll need:

What's this all about?

It's about Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. We love this book. And/but/so: we are (re-) reading it. These are our notes. Feel free to fork, patch, contribute, and/or what have you.

How do I... play?

Make notes. Write essays. Connect the dots. Go nuts. It's free-form.

Eh, ok. How do I use nanoc for local development?

First, install the Ruby¹ gems nanoc and kramdown:

gem install nanoc kramdown

The gem nanoc comes with an own executable called nanoc. If you made changes and want to regenerate the whole site locally, you need to run


in the folder of this repo. If everything went fine and you haven't got any erros, you can start a webserver via

nanoc view

You can view your version of Infinite Notes in you browser via



¹) Of course this implies you have installed Ruby. If you haven't, this is your moment to get in touch with it.