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FuseLess is a set of tools and code for running CFML applications on serverless computing platforms (such as AWS Lambda).

Getting Started

Checkout the FuseLess Template to get started.

Local Development

Install Docker, Java, Gradle and AWS Sam CLI, then run

Using FuseLess for non API Gateway Events

You can also use FuseLess to process other lambda events besides those generated from API Gateway by using the EventLambdaHandler class. By default this class will attempt to invoke the CFML method fuselessEvent(eventPayload, fuselessContext) in Application.cfc

Type: AWS::Serverless::Function
  Handler: com.foundeo.fuseless.EventLambdaHandler::handleRequest
  CodeUri: ./build/distributions/
  Runtime: java8
  Timeout: 100
  MemorySize: 512

The eventPayload will typically be a JSON string that you can then parse and work with. You can test generating events with sam local generate-event for example:

sam local generate-event s3 put > /tmp/test-event.json

Now you can use sam local to invoke the event for testing:

sam local invoke FuselessExampleEvent --event /tmp/test-event.json 

By default Fuseless will attempt to invoke the function fuselessEvent

Support, Questions, Issues

Contact Foundeo Inc.

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