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FuseLess Template

A Template for building CFML powered AWS Lambda Functions.

Quick Start Instructions

  • Download this repo and unzip it somewhere.
  • If you are on a mac / linux run to download Lucee Light and FuseLess jar files. On windows see: jars/
  • Add your CFML to the cfml/app/ folder
  • Install Gradle
  • Run gradle build in terminal or command prompt
  • For continuous builds ( hot building ) run gradle build -t

At this point you will now have a CFML serverless application all packaged up in a zip file 🎉

The zip file is located in build/distributions/ it can be uploaded to Lambda or tested locally using sam local

Renaming the zip file

In the build.gradle file there is a line towards the top that reads:

archivesBaseName = 'fuseless-template'

Simple rename that, or delete the line and it will use the name of the parent folder. You will also need to update the template.yml file, where you see this:

CodeUri: ./build/distributions/

Change it to match your new zip file name.

Testing locally

If you want to test your code locally without uploading to AWS you can use the aws sam cli. Once you have installed it, you can simply run:

sam local start-api

And it will start up a server which you can use to test it on.

You can also use sam to generate cloud formation templates to deploy your application.

Support, Questions, Issues

Contact Foundeo Inc.


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