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#to enable Lucee for a server: include lucee.conf;
#block the lucee-context except for certain ip
location ~* /lucee/ {
deny all;
include lucee-proxy.conf;
location ~* /lucee-server {
return 404;
#block/ignore CFIDE requests
location ~* /CFIDE {
return 404;
#block requests for Application.cfc/cfm
location ~*[mc]$ {
return 404;
#match cfm or cfc files and proxy them off to tomcat
#if you do not need SES urls like index.cfm/foo/bar
#then use: (\.cfm|\.cfc)$ instead
location ~* (\.cfm(\/|$)|\.cfc$) {
include lucee-proxy.conf;
#set the default document to index.html or index.cfm
index index.html index.cfm;