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FAC Student agreement

Founders & Coders C.I.C. (FAC) is a not-for-profit company whose main purpose is to provide study and training programmes for the general public and to provide workspace for its students and graduates.

FAC was founded on the principal of reciprocity. This means that we do not charge our students fees, but we do expect them to contribute back to the viability and development of the programme.

In particular, graduates of each cohort of students are expected collectively to take the lead on facilitating the programme for the next student cohort.

In addition, each place on the Founders & Coders programme costs us about £2,500 to provide. We ask you to consider either seeking employment with one of our partners or, alternatively, making a regular voluntary contribution after you graduate as a way of 'paying it forward', so that we can provide a place for someone in a future cohort.