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================================ Next release ================================
+ - The ZooKeeper contrib now uses a configurable ``connect_timeout`` and a
+ configurable ``reconnect_timeout``, which is used when connecting and
+ reconnecting, respectively.
+Internal changes:
+ - The ZooKeeper contrib will now retry timed out connections from python,
+ trying different combinations of servers in the specified server list
+ until one of the combinations starts working.
+ - Added `piped.util.deferred_with_timeout`` which is a function that
+ wraps a deferred with an optional timeout.
+Bug fixes:
+ - Added a setting ``force_blocking_stdout`` to the REPL provider, which
+ makes ``sys.__stdout__`` blocking after creating the StandardIO
+ interface. This is done by default because a lot of our logging seem
+ to enjoy a blocking standard output a lot more than handling EAGAIN.
+ - A traceback from the bootstrap script to the REPL should now show
+ the actual line contents from the source script.
========================== Release 0.4.6 2012-08-08 ==========================
Bug fixes:
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