scripted framework (feature proposal) #25

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> g8-sbt-test

1st world problem

sbt may or may not point to sbt 0.11.0.


I was wondering if we can reuse scritped framework, so if the filetest is missing from g8 it runs > test task, but otherwise it follows the scripted script.

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From the new readme in scripted branch:

the action "g8-test" will apply the template in the default output directory (under target/sbt-test) and run the scripted test for that project in a forked process. You can supply the test scripted as src/test/g8/test, otherwise >test is used.

@n8han what do you think?


It sounds great. Seems like a perfect use of scripted, from what little I know of it.

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Fixed the tabs and merged into master.

@eed3si9n eed3si9n closed this Oct 16, 2011
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