giter8 templates

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Template Description
ferhtaydn/sbt-skeleton.g8 Simple Sbt & Scala project.
fayimora/basic-scala-project.g8 Simple scala project with ScalaTest. Very easily configurable!
pmandera/basic-scala-project.g8 Simple scala project. Fork of fayimora/basic-scala-project.g8 using specs2 instead of ScalaTest.
gseitz/android-sbt-project.g8 sbt project for Android
aafa/rest-android-scala.g8 sbt project for Android REST client based on Retrofit with Macroid and Robolectric for testing
n8han/giter8.g8 sbt project for new giter8 templates
unfiltered/unfiltered-netty.g8 sbt project for Unfiltered with Netty
softprops/unfiltered.g8 sbt project for Unfiltered with Jetty
mindcandy/unfiltered-rest-gatling.g8 sbt project for Unfiltered with Netty, Gatling load testing, and Specs2
softprops/chrome-plugin.g8 Google Chrome Plugin g8 template
jrudolph/scalac-plugin.g8 sbt project for Scala Compiler Plugins
chrislewis/unfiltered-gae.g8 sbt project for Unfiltered on Google App Engine
giTorto/template-openRefine-extension.g8 Template to easily get started with an OpenRefine extension.
chrislewis/basic-project.g8 bootstrapped sbt project with simple configuration
philcali/lwjgl-project.g8 sbt project with LWJGL integration
pk11/pinky.g8 sbt project template for pinky projects
ajhager/libgdx-sbt-project.g8 sbt project for libgdx
scalatra/scalatra-sbt.g8 Basic Scalatra template using SBT 0.13.x.
JanxSpirit/scalatra-mongodb.g8 template for a web application using Scalatra, Casbah and MongoDB - builds with SBT 0.11.x
tabbykitten/android-scala-app.g8 SBT template for Android in Scala, use Eclipse layout & android-plugin & Scala libs installer
anvie/spray-rest-sbt-0.11.2.g8 SBT template for Spray Rest Sbt 0.11.2 included eclipse and idea plugins.
eltimn/lift-mongo.g8 Template to get a Lift-MongoDB webapp up and running quickly.
ripla/vaadin-scala.g8 Template to easily get started with a Scala Vaadin project using the Scaladin add-on.
snowdale/finagle-thrift.g8 xsbt template for Finagle Thrift app using Scrooge.
MasseGuillaume/scrooge.g8 another template for Finagle Thrift using Scrooge
jeffling/sbt-finagle.g8 Finagle Thrift template (with scrooge) with subprojects for the interface and server for easy deploying and publishing.
akollegger/unfiltered-neo4j-on-heroku.g8 Unfiltered, dispatch to Neo4j, host on Heroku
jrevault/scalatra-squeryl.g8 SBT, Scalatra, Squeryl with usage samples, includes several plugins
exu/phalcon.g8.git CPhalcon basic template
jackywyz/sbtweb-app.g8 sbt web project basic template
mads379/lift-blank.g8 Liftweb minimalistic project
typesafehub/scala-sbt.g8 Plain scala project template
typesafehub/akka-scala-sbt.g8 Akka project template for Scala (and sbt) users
xuwei-k/play.g8 Play project template for Scala users
ymasory/sbt-code-quality.g8 CheckStyle and PMD for Java projects
ymasory/sbt.g8 Generic sbt project for projects using GitHub
adinapoli/sbt-revolver.g8 Generic sbt project with sbt-revolver
adinapoli/scalaz-revolver.g8 Generic sbt project with scalaz 7 and sbt-revolver
vdemeester/java-mvn-vaadin.g8 Maven Java project with vaadin dependencies
gfrison/proto-app.g8 archetype of any Java or Groovy standalone application based on Spring (Grails DSL) and Gradle
davececere/unfiltered-squeryl-war.g8 Full persistent REST api of a single resource. SBT, Scala, Unfiltered, Squeryl, .war build artifact
marceloemanoel/gradle-plugin-template.g8 Gradle plugin template with info for deploy at maven central.
dkrieg/scalatra-angularjs-seed.g8 Template for web app with Scalatra, AngularJS, AngularUI-Boostrap, CoffeeScript, Less, Jasmine, Scala 2.10.0, sbt 0.12.2.
scalafx/scalafx.g8 Creates a ScalaFX project with build support of sbt and dependencies.
mbseid/play-mongo-securesocial.g8 Template for a ready to go Play Framework 2.1 application. Comes rolled with Salat driver for MongoDB, and SecureSocial for authentication.
matlockx/simple-gradle-scala.g8 Template for a scala project with gradle and heroku support.
mhamrah/sbt.g8 A slimmer version of ymasory's sbt project with typesafe config, logback, scalatest and akka. Features a spray option via g8 mhamrah/sbt -b spray.
non/caliper.g8 Template for writing micro-benchmarks using Caliper.
rlazoti/scala-sbt.g8 Template for app with ScalaTest, Scala 2.10.2, sbt 0.12.3, sbt-eclipse and sbt-package-dist plugins.
anvie/sbt-simple-project.g8 Template for creating simple sbt project (single project).
chototsu/mmstempl.g8 Template for MikMikuStudio.
chototsu/mmstemplandroid.g8 Template for MikMikuStudio(Android version).
akiomik/scala-migrations.g8 A template for sbt projects using scala-migrations.
ctranxuan/sbt-multi-modules.g8 A template for sbt multi-modules project
akiomik/sbt-plugin.g8 A template for sbt plugins
tysonjh/playJavaBootstrap.g8 A template for Play Framework with Twitter Bootstrap (Java)
tysonjh/sprayTwirlTemplate.g8 A template for spray-can with twirl, templating, assembly, revolver (Scala)
tysonjh/scalaMacro.g8 A template for Scala Macros using the Macro Paradise plugin.
cfeduke/akka-scala-sbt.g8 A modern (2014) template for Scala Akka projects with sbt
joescii/scala-oss.g8 A template for creating an open-source Scala project.
joescii/lift-ng.g8 A template for getting off the ground with Scala, Lift, and AngularJS
joescii/presentera.g8 A template for making awesome presentations with Presentera
nttdata-oss/basic-spark-project.g8 A template for creating Spark basic project.
jimschubert/finatra-app.g8 A template for a Finatra 1.5.3 Application using the bower/Bootstrap template provided by Finatra
semberal/slick-sbt-project.g8 A template for Slick database access library with BoneCP connection pool and Typesafe config
omphe/cr_scala_cli.g8 Simple Scala CLI app template with Scallop option handling
omphe/ansible_project.g8 A template for Ansible projects according to best-practice directory layouts
tboloo/scala-jna-project.g8 A sample scala project for accessing native libraries with JNA
sameergarg/scala-play-macwire-reactivemongo.g8 giter8 template project for team who wants to use scala, play, macwire and reactive mongo
mefellows/respite-sbt.g8 SBT project for the Respite REST micro-framework
codesolid/cassandra.g8 giter8 project featuring Cassandra in a simple ScalaTest project, with TypeSafe configuration
xuwei-k/unfiltered-heroku.g8 unfiltered heroku giter8 template
anvie/multiproject.g8 Template for multi project sbt
chriscoffey/multi-project.g8 A multi-project build with packaging and dependencies
bneil/finch-skeleton.g8 A project that centers on finagle/finch using circe, scalaz, scalacheck and shapeless
tillrohrmann/flink-project.g8 A template for creating a Flink project.
temon/griya-basic.g8 A template for start your liftweb project with spec2
harshad-deo/sbtbase.g8 Sbt project with linting, code formatting and a few useful plugins
edinhodzic/kyriakos-rest-micro-service-spray.g8 REST CRUD microservice based on Sbt, Spray, MongoDb, Kamon metrics
shigemk2/minimal-akka-scala.g8 very simple and minimal akka-scala template
jimschubert/finatra.g8 A simple Finatra 2.5 template with sbt-revolver and sbt-native-packager
lewismj/sbt-template.g8 Multi-module project with application (Scala 2.12, no use of Build.scala)
lewismj/sbt-library-template.g8 A simple library project with assembly (Scala 2.12, no use of Build.scala)
lloydmeta/slim-play.g8 A template for a really slim Play app that is almost Sinatra-like.
lloydmeta/ctdi-play.g8 Compile-time DI Play template. Includes test harnesses.
bsamaripa/http4s.g8 A simple http4s template
ict-group/ict-play-template.g8 A Play, Scalikejdbc, Swagger REST CRUD template
imarios/frameless.g8 A simple frameless template to start with more expressive types for Spark
orhanbalci/akka-http-microservice.g8 Akka Http Microservice template