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This is an integration package for the CookieCuttr jQuery plugin


Add the package name to the eggs part of your zope2 instance and rerun buildout, after a restart you can install the package from the quickinstaller.


The package comes with a controlpanel which is accessible through your plone_control_panel or directly. Here you can enable the plugin and change some settings.

Text to show your visitor

We use cookies. <a href='{{cookiePolicyLink}}' title='read about our cookies'>Read everything</a

Link to page, link to the page which explains your cookiepolicy, for example or /Plone/cookies

Text to show in the Accept button

Accept if you like cookies!


We to be able to decline tracking cookies for Google Analytics; This is done by overriding the default analytics viewlet and check for cookiecuttr.

You can also wrap your own javascript code:

if (jQuery.cookie('cc_cookie_accept') == "cc_cookie_accept") { ... }

for diazo I guess you need to add a rule for the the CookieCuttr div somewhere high up your rules

<append css:theme="body" css:content="">

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