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a lua constraint satisfaction framework
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TableSalt is a constraint satisfaction framework. It allows you to write custom constraint functions (Pepper Constraints) that can be used to solve practically any constraint satisfaction problem.

Keep reading and check out the documentation for more info.


To have the latest version of TableSalt, it an be installed as a submodule:

git submodule add git://

after which you need to do a git submodule update --init --recursive to fully initialize it.

or you could just clone it and include it in your project:

git clone git://

and to include it in your project:

local CSP = require('TableSalt/TableSalt') local TableSalt = CSP.TableSalt local Pepper = CSP.Pepper

## Quick Example
TableSalt was designed to be user friendly. As such, you can setup the Australia Coloring Problem as such:

local australia = TableSalt:new({"Red", "Green", "Blue"}, {"WA", "NT", "SA", "Q", "NSW", "V", "T"})
australia:addConstraintByNames({"WA", "NT", "SA"}, Pepper.allDiff)
australia:addConstraintByNames({"Q", "NT", "SA"}, Pepper.allDiff)
australia:addConstraintByNames({"Q", "NSW", "SA"}, Pepper.allDiff)
australia:addConstraintByNames({"V", "NSW", "SA"}, Pepper.allDiff)

and since the Australia Coloring Problem doesn't benefit from domain reduction off the bat, and then you solve it via forward checking: australia:solveForwardCheck()

after which you can print the results -- australia:print() -- and get the following:

WA Green NT Blue SA Red Q Green NSW Blue V Green T Red

and it's all nice and colored correctly! TableSalt can also accept input in many other ways, be sure to check out the [documentaion]( and some example projects to get a feel for what it can do.

## Examples of TableSalt in Use
Here a few projects I made to test out the functionality of TableSalt:

- [SudokuSolver](
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