BR2_EXTERNAL tree for midas (Note 2/S3) boards running u-boot.
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This is a BR2_EXTERNAL tree for Buildroot which contains stuff needed to boot a mainline Linux kernel on Samsung's midas (Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2) boards.

Quick start

Clone buildroot:

git clone git://

Clone this repo:

git clone

Build it:

make -C buildroot O=$PWD/output BR2_EXTERNAL=$PWD/buildroot-external-midas samsung_midas_defconfig

If you wish to make modifications to the kernel used, clone it somewhere (you probably want to use the master branch) and edit appropriately:

cp buildroot-external-midas/ output/
vim output/

Now, start the build in the output directory:

cd output

The first build may take a while, so be patient.

To install, you can either use heimdall: heimdall flash --BOOT output/images/boot.img or use dd on the device: dd if=/path/to/boot.img of=/dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/by-name/BOOT (the path will be different if you're not using the 3.0 vendor kernel).

You can either use a USB-to-UART cable described here, or you can use a plain old USB cable. Use screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 for the USB-to-UART cable, or screen /dev/ttyACM0 for a USB cable.