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Please pull in additional refactors in the outstanding pull request. #10

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There is stuff accumulating in my fork that i would like to see upstream; most recently I did a small refactor of adam's isAcceptableValue changes and he asked me to open an issue. It is all very straightforward stuff.

My change set does not fix the missing NSArray urlEncodedString implementation, but it does add one for NSNumber that replaces the old inlined conditional logic.

Thanks! -g

@gwk gwk referenced this issue from a commit
@adamalix adamalix Added arrays to [NSDictionary urlQueryString]
Added a block that will verify whether a value is an acceptable class, and
extended [NSDictionary urlQueryString] to support arrays.
@adamalix adamalix was assigned
@adamalix adamalix referenced this issue from a commit
@adamalix adamalix Fixed FSN Issue #10
- FSN_categories.h did not have a [NSArray urlEncodedString] impl.

Fixed with this commit


@adamalix adamalix closed this
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