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ERROR: -[FSNConnection makePostBodyWithBoundary:]: skipping bad POST parameter value: key: testsArray; value class: __NSArrayM; value: #9

antonioparisi opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Send NSArray/NSMutableArray as parameters as well, not just NSString or NSNumber or FSNData, thanks for that guys.

gwk commented

How do you propose arrays should be serialized to the POST data?


Just looking into AFNetworking module, under AFHTTPClient implementation:
NSArray *array = value;
[array enumerateObjectsUsingBlock:^(id nestedValue, __unused NSUInteger idx, __unused BOOL *stop) {
[mutableQueryStringComponents addObjectsFromArray:AFQueryStringPairsFromKeyAndValue([NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@[]", key], nestedValue)];

Basically something like that.


Is this a convention introduced by Rails? (I think I may have read about it somewhere once but I'm not sure). I don't have a lot of interest in implementing non-standard behavior, but I'm open to suggestions. How much of a problem is this for you really? It seems like you could format your keys and values before passing them into FSNConnection without much difficulty; the FSN API is designed with the idea that most application code will want some sort of wrapper constructor to handle commonalities across all API requests. Again, always happy to hear about new use cases.

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