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write release notes for 0.NEXT

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+# 0.NEXT.0: Sometime
+ - supports self-referential substitutions, such as
+ `path=${path}":/bin"`, by "looking backward" to the previous
+ value of `path`
+ - supports concatenating arrays and merging objects within a
+ single value. So you can do `path=${path} [ "/bin" ]` for
+ example. See README and spec for more details.
+ - supports `+=` where `path+="/bin"` expands to `path=${?path}
+ [ "/bin" ]`
+ - supports `include url("")`, `include
+ file("/my/file.conf")`, and `include classpath("whatever")`.
+ This syntax forces treatment as URL, file, or classpath
+ resource.
+ - supports `include ""` (if an
+ include is a valid URL, it's loaded as such). This is
+ incompatible with prior versions, if you have a filename that
+ is also a valid URL, it would have loaded previously but now
+ it will not. Use the `include file("")` syntax to force
+ treatment as a file.
+ - class loaders are now recursively inherited through include
+ statements; previously, even if you set a custom class loader
+ when parsing a file, it would not be used for parsing a
+ classpath resource included from the file.
+ - parseString() and parseReader() now support include statements
+ in the parsed string or reader
+ - in -Dconfig.resource=name, name can start with a "/" or not,
+ doesn't matter
+ - if you implement ConfigIncluder, you should most likely also
+ implement ConfigIncluderFile, ConfigIncluderURL, and
+ ConfigIncluderClasspath. You should also use
+ ConfigIncludeContext.parseOptions() if appropriate.
+ - the serialization format has changed for a Config that has not
+ had resolve() called on it. The library can still deserialize
+ the old format, but old versions of the library will not be
+ able to deserialize the new format. Serializing unresolved
+ Config is probably a bad idea anyway and maybe shouldn't even
+ be supported, but keeping it for back compat.
+ - since 0.3.0, there is an obscure incompatible semantic change
+ in that self-referential substitutions where the cycle could
+ be broken by partially resolving the object now "look backward"
+ and may fail to resolve. This is not incompatible with the
+ version included in Play/Akka 2.0 because in that version this
+ obscure case just threw an exception. But in 0.3.0 there
+ were cases that worked that now work differently. You are very
+ unlikely to be affected by this.
# 0.3.0: March 1, 2012
- ConfigFactory methods now use the thread's context class loader

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