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add some notes about features that aren't in Play/Akka 2.0

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@@ -58,6 +58,9 @@
obscure case just threw an exception. But in 0.3.0 there
were cases that worked that now work differently. You are very
unlikely to be affected by this.
+ - Play/Akka 2.0 do not and will not have the new stuff in this
+ version due to the serialization break, they will update
+ next time they bump their ABI.
# 0.3.0: March 1, 2012
@@ -226,6 +226,8 @@ tree that you could have written (less conveniently) in JSON.
`include url("")` or `file()` or
`classpath()` syntax to force the type, or use just `include
"whatever"` to have the library do what you probably mean
+ (Note: `url()`/`file()`/`classpath()` syntax is not supported
+ in Play/Akka 2.0.)
- substitutions `foo : ${a.b}` sets key `foo` to the same value
as the `b` field in the `a` object
- substitutions concatenate into unquoted strings, `foo : the
@@ -416,12 +418,18 @@ newlines separating the numbers.
See the spec for full details on concatenation.
+Note: Play/Akka 2.0 have an earlier version that supports string
+concatenation, but not object/array concatenation. `+=` does not
+work in Play/Akka 2.0 either.
## Debugging
If you have trouble with your configuration, some useful tips.
- Set the Java system property `-Dconfig.trace=loads` to get
output on stderr describing each file that is loaded.
+ Note: this feature is not included in the older version in
+ Play/Akka 2.0.
- Use `myConfig.root().render()` to get a `Config` printed out as a
string with comments showing where each value came from.

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