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# Don't import anything that imports CONFIG here, the circular dependency will not work.
# Instead, import after the definition of CONFIG.
# foursquare server to use. You probably don't need to change this.
# The server name for local_dev mode. Make sure the port matches what you use.
'local_server': 'http://localhost:8080',
# Server name for your deployed AppEngine instance
'prod_server': None,
# OAuth client ID. Must match what you set at
'client_id': None,
# OAuth callback/redirect URI. Must match what you set at
'redirect_uri': '%s/oauth', # (server)
# Format string to serve URL content out of. Not necessarily required.
'content_uri': '%s/content?content_id=%s', # (server, content_id)
# The foursquare API version string to pass. See:
'api_version': '20120608',
# A name for the hompage and titles.
'site_name': '',
# A description for the home page
'site_description': '',
# If true, we use local_server, and log actions instead of POSTing to foursquare
# Be sure to set this to false when you actually want to deploy.
'local_dev': True,
# AppEngine debug mode
'debug': True,
# These can either be a path (on this server), or an external URI
'auth_success_uri_desktop': '/',
'auth_success_uri_mobile': '/',
'auth_denied_uri': '/',
# Application Level Configuration
# Feel free to add new config parameters here...
# Replace 'None' with the class object of your app. It must inherit from the
# provided AbstractApp class.