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import random
import string
from google.appengine.ext import db
class UserSession(db.Model):
"""Maps user cookies back to foursquare ids."""
fs_id = db.StringProperty()
session = db.StringProperty()
def get_or_create_session(user_id):
session = UserSession().all().filter('fs_id =', user_id).get()
if not session:
session = UserSession()
session.fs_id = user_id
session.session = ''.join(random.choice(string.ascii_letters + string.digits) for _ in range(64))
return session
def get_from_cookie(cookie):
return UserSession().all().filter('session =', cookie).get()
class UserToken(db.Model):
"""Contains the user to foursquare_id + oauth token mapping."""
fs_id = db.StringProperty()
token = db.StringProperty()
def get_by_fs_id(fs_id):
return UserToken().all().filter('fs_id =', fs_id).get()
def get_from_cookie(cookie):
session = UserSession.get_from_cookie(cookie)
if session:
return UserToken.get_by_fs_id(session.fs_id)
return None
class ContentInfo(db.Model):
"""Generic object for easily storing content for a reply or post."""
content_id = db.StringProperty()
checkin_id = db.StringProperty()
venue_id = db.StringProperty()
fs_id = db.TextProperty()
content = db.TextProperty()
reply_id = db.TextProperty()
post_id = db.TextProperty()