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search now does livesearch as you type; fixed display bug in nearby venues list; fixed a bug that incorrectly said you unlocked a mayor special if you checked into another venue that you actually were the mayor of; fixed a bug that showed the search field if you tapped the gesture area or swiped back; added forward swipe gesture to refresh nearby venues and friends' checkins a la Bad Kitty; can now attach videos to check-ins and shouts; extended log-in timeout to 15 seconds instead of 10; supports setting ringtone from Free Music Ringtones app; added ability to launch venues from a url or venue ID by passing them as launchParams; added character counter below shout and checkin text fields; photohost list on shout and checkin now remember last host selected; User twitter profiles can be opened in Bad Kitty, TweetMe, or web browser; fixed a bug where after adding a tip, venue info items would repopulate; GPS accuracy slider preference now correctly shows its setting when initially launching preference dialog; GPS accuracy slider preference now shows value while slider and not just when sliding is finished; fixed a bug that would prevent login if you changed your password; twitter links that g to web browser now open in (nicer) instead of; tapping a nearby special now opens that venue's detail scene; app reports stats to Metrix; created AJAX wrapper functions that trap server errors and siplay messages accordingly; if user unchecks Show Your Friends checkbox, app now unselects Share with Twitter and Facebook; changed wording on Duplicate Venue error to be less confusing; fixed double special bug; fixed live search to not do 3 http requests when pressing enter; tips and todos are now tabbed instead of being in one list; when adding a venue, you can now search Google for the address; friend requests are now displayed in the navigation menu; added preference to opt-out of metrix statistics sending; tapping the foursquare logo scrolls the scene back to the top; added preference to let dashbopard notifications autoclose after a user-defined amount of time; fixed 0m Accuracy GPS bug; removed old buttons from nav header; restored tappability to Better Accuracy Refresh button; back gesture now moves though Category picker tree; LiveSearch is now after 2 characters and the delay is shorter; when swiping back during a photoupload on a checkin or shout, a warning asks if you'd like to cancel the upload and checkin or shout; banner notification when upload starts now refers to Media instead of Photo; User Info scenes now use commandmenu buttons instead of tabs; created templates for Who's Here list of users and looks nicer and cleaner; venue detail commands are now command buttons and not tabs; tips on venue detail now shows time created; tips on venue detail is cleaned up; seraching google now fills in venue phone number when addign a venue; resolved 0m accuracy bug; better pinch and squeeze zoom on maps; when adding a new venue, users can adjust the lat, long of the venue by tapping on a google map; tapping icons on friend and venue maps actualy shows info window; empty tips and todos lists now let the suer know that there aren't any items; empty tips on venue detail now alerts user in a friendlier way; added icon next to friend requests in navmenu; fixed a bug on Pixi where tapping a badge on another suer's profile, the tooltip would be udner the commandmenu and unreadable; badges look like stickers; when editing a venue, dialog inputs previous category and icon; tapping refresh button after performing a venue search now simply reloads nearby venues instead of grabbing new location; loading hsitory or friends on user profile now scrolls back to the top of the scene;