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<ul><li>Open users or venues by performing a metatap, that is, holding your finger down on the gesture area of your phone and then tapping a user or a venue.</li><li>All new help system accessible through the navigation menu. Send me an e-mail, or look through FAQ topics to find out how to perform certain tasks.</li><li>All code has been optimized. App runs faster and uses less memory.</li><li>[LOGIN] When receiving an error when logging in, you receive better info. Also, when foursquare is down, instead of suggesting yo visit their Twitter account, the app now directs you to</li><li>[ADD TIP/TODO] Dialog now has a character counter. Tips and To Dos can be 200 characters long.</li><li>[TODO LIST] To Dos have now been placed in their own view, away from tips.</li><li>[USER INFO] User info has a new look. Can see mutual friends, tips from the user.</li><li>[VENUE DETAIL] Venue detail has a new look also. Now shows you how many friends are checked-in, also how many tips were left by your friends</li><li>[VENUE DETAIL] Banner at top of the view now lets you know if you have a to do list item for that venue.</li><li>[VENUE DETAIL] To mark a tip as done or to save it, now just tap on the tip itself. The individual buttons have been removed</li><li>[VENUE DETAIL] Venue specials and nearby specials are no longer automatically displayed. You access specials by tapping the \"Special Here\" or \"Special Nearby\" banner in the top right. This will open a special dialog box. Swipe through the specials to view them all.</li><li>[NEARBY TIPS] To Do list has been moved to its own view</li><li>[NEARBY TIPS] Toggle between nearby tips and nearby tips left by your friends</li><li>[VIEW TIP] New dialog box. When tapping a tip anywhere in the app, this dialog opens to show the venue, the tip, the user, and give the option to add or remove to your to do list, or mark the tip has done.</li><li>[NEARBY VENUES] When searching, at the end of the list you'll find two new options: \"Add this Venue\" so others can check-in to it later, and \"Check-in Anyway\" which will use the text you searched for as the venue name. This will not add the venue, but will show you as being there. You cannot earn badges or points or mayorships when checking-in this way.</li><li>[CHECKIN RESULT] After checking in, if a friend has left a tip at that venue or one nearby, the tip would be displayed. However, now, the tip is displayed, but also gives you the option to add it to your to do list or mark it as being done. It also looks nicer.</li><li>[ADD VENUE] The map no longer overlays other widgets on the screen. Now, the small thumbnail map is an image. Tapping that opens a fullscreen map where you can adjust the GPS position of the venue. Swiping back out of the map will record the new position.</li><li>[ALL SCENES] Performing the back gesture will now close the navigation menu if it is open.</li><li>[VENUE DETAIL] Airports that contain the airplane UNICODE symbol now display an image of the airplane since the webOS font does not support this character.</li><li>[NEARBY VENUES] Shake to refresh has been removed</li><li>[CHECKINS] Shake to refresh has been removed</li><li>[LEADERBOARD] The leaderboard has been removed from the main navigation menu. You can still access the leaderboard by viewing your Profile and tapping the Leaderboard option there.</li></ul>